Fix-It Friday - 11/3/2023

Alexa and DoorBell that works FOR ME.

Streaming to the Doorbell on my Echo Show 5 2nd Gen… does not work…

Waiting For Wyze… several gyrations… then… HMmmm the camera is not responding…

FIRMWARE is FULL UPDATE to the Alexa one before, and the MANDATORY ONE :frowning: :angry:

I CAN get the Show to respond with “Person Detected” but is very delayed. It will so play the chime I set via Alexa for a ding dong event (pun! :slight_smile: :wink: ) Streaming of the camera does not work. ie: Show the doorbell… gives the above results.

This is on a DEDICATED 19VDC Power supply, NOT A DOORBELL transformer, powered a ring doorbell before wyze, mine is long gone ,or well the wires for it…door upgrades took that out…years ago… Matter of fact there is a Wyze Outdoor outlet plugged into this same outlet below the camera/doorbell… and it has happily worked for 2 years sitting on the ground… about time to put it back to FT use with Xmas coming up… Santa on, deer on!


Any resolution this would go a long way to cooling off my rage between this and the mandatory firmware move! Don’t do that again! I don’t care how important you or your lawyers think it is!