Alexa and Wyze and .....Devices and features

While I am not a fan of alexa, I unfortunately need to have this setup for my parents to show them the frontdoor when the doorbell rings… They, nor I , are not welded to a phone or tablet…

So I followed, this to setup the Alexa and Wzye to the Echo Show 5 they have

Ok… Done… I get message about 11 Devices found… OK…

I reviewed this to ensure the IMPORTANT CAMERA the DOORBELL is compatible.

Video Doorbell is listed… Great!

I have a video of the script/function I want to add to auto show the doorbell on a ding dong (pun! :slight_smile: ) event…

Ok… Alexa and wyze paired, up, like I said it said “11 devices”

1 V3 Camera w/Garage Door Controller

I CAN CONTROL the Garage door via alexa… I just can’t see the camera! Alexa can not find that camera??? Alexa are you blind??? :slight_smile:

And “Alexa show Front Doorbell Cam” gives alot of action “Connecting to Wyze…” then “I am afraid I can’t do that Dave…” (pun! ) OK… “Waiting for Wyze…” then “The camera is not responding…”

The 10000% MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTION is this… Show the doorbell when the button is pressed… I

Any way the Garage Camera is not even listed at all… even if it doesn’t work with the controller, I’d like to be able to see that camera…

My Plugs, and Thermostat all show up… I’ve got 10 of the 11 devices Alexa supposedly found, the GARAGE CAMERA is MIA! The controller is there, and works… Just tested it…

Tried adding the camera, Nope. Doesn’t find the Garage Camera… YES viewable and working in the phone/tablet (android) application…

Any ideas??? Thanks!

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@rec9140, Hi. Yes, a few ideas. I have written here before on my experiences with Wyze and Show. But not as comprehensive as this. Consider yourself “worthy”. I have spend many many 15-20 minute sessions tweaking routines to get the most out of Wyze/Show routines. Many.

I have 2 dozen Wyze cams. I have 5-6 (front garage, back, porch) that I use with Show 8 and 5. I have all versions of the Show 8. And I have learned from experience, (not from any help from Wyze or Amazon,) that the 1st gen Show 5 & 8 works better with Wyze cameras than any other Alexa devices. One of the several things that works better is - the 1st gen 5/8 are less likely to time out after 10 minutes. (I have no idea why.) I get 30-40+ minutes on them. I encourage you to find on Amazon refurbished or ebay some 1st gen 5 or 8’s.

I have notice that after about 10 minutes the 2nd gen Show 8, will “minimize” the picture into the upper left corner. I’ve talked to the Alexa team about this several times, and they either “don’t get it or don’t care, or can’t reproduce it”, so I gave up on them and the 2nd gen Show.

I use routines. I never use multiple commands in a Wyze/Show routines. I use about 20+ routines. I use the time command to trigger when and the Custom choice, to Alexa, Show Alley Cam on Echo Show 81. (1 being the first of 5). (Put nothing else in the routine, to maximize your success.

And I DO NOT use a Show as the “Hear Alexa From” device. I use a regular Dot. I want nothing to interrupt or interfere with the Show. I have learned to NOT add any other action or command in the routine to maximize its likelihood of success. (Ya know that message she tells you, “Sorry Dave, I can’t do that”, I don’t want that message coming from a Show, I want it coming from a Dot. That’s why I use a Dot as the “Hear Alexa from” device.

I use the 20+ routines by “calling” for Alexa to bring up one camera at the top of the hour, - every OTHER hour to the same camera, same Show, just different hour, but top of the hour. (I.e., 6, 8, 10, am. A very few times, its still showing that same camera, so its just becomes a refresh of the screen to the same show. BUT IT WORKS.

Another routine at 10 past the top of the hour, every other hour, “calls” Alexa to bring up a different camera to a different Show. (I.e., 9, 11 am; 1, 3, 5, 7 pm) And yes, again, sometimes its simply a refresh of the screen, not all the time, but often.

I have a couple of times, with a couple of cameras, that I use a set time, every day, to “call” Alexa to “Go Home” on that show. This resets seems to help that camera in the sister routine to more likely bring up that camera.

I don’t use a Wyze Garage Controller. I use a Sonoff Basic RF version WiFi Smart Plug/device that I hacked, and give me a lot more control. However, I have 5 Wyze ver 2 cams in my Garage. All pointing the garage door. So, if the Wyze Garage cam doesn’t show up for Show use, give up, put another Wyze Cam out there. Don’t fight it.

By the way, ever notice that the rails of your garage door are steel? You can invert a Wyze cam, unfold its mount and with its magnet, stick it to the rail, so its not on a wall, but pointing straight at your door. And you can use some blue painters tape to hide the power cable running from the camera to either end of your rails on the back side of that rail, to where you get power.

I have 3 cameras outside my garage and hidden, you might be able to find them, but so far none of my neighbors have. And I have 5 camera inside my garage, just for the fun of it. And with these 8, that are all wired to one WiFi Smart plug. Most use a better than Wyze power adapter and a couple use a 3-port 2.3 amp power adapter, but none use a Wyze (marginally powerful power) adapter (just my 2-cents). I ran cheap 2 prong extension cords to each corner of the garage, and back to the center where the GDO’ outlet is. I plugged a WiFi smart plug in there, and brought all the cords together there. At the female end, that’s where the 5v adapters are, using a 3 foot or so, power cord to the camera. The WiFi smart plug allows a off/on schedule with Last State (on) setting. All 8 are powered off at 03:00 and back up at 03:10. A little time to cool down, but restarted every day. I can use an app to off/on them during the day, but almost never need to. This way, I can be confident if one camera tells me “Sorry Dave”, I know I can either ignore it or do them all. But nice knowing central control for power to all.

I more likely need the “Go Home” command for the Show, than the camera, as I have discovered with some Flic 2 buttons (and Broadlink Wireless Smart Butons, I use to control routines, that WHEN I get the “Sorry Dave” message about a camera, I can use a command to bring up a “test - distraction/reset” camera on that Show, wait 2 minutes and command it to bring up the camera that “failed”, and Ta-Daaa, the one that failed 3 minutes ago, suddenly works.

Now, after all I have said/written, if you are serious about helping the folks see what’s on the cameras? Don’t depend on a Show. Invest in a old/used/renewed/new iPad, maybe a Mini, and put the app on it. I can depend on my two iPads to hold the view from any camera for 1-2-3 hours. I don’t mind that they are old and the batteries are weak, 'cause I leave them plugged in, just like I have to for a Show anyway. Yes, I must use a finger to switch to a different camera. But I have two sitting on small charging stands, so I don’t have to sit and hold them. Wow, that’s sort of like a Show is, plugged into power always, and sitting up facing me. Just cost a little more than a Show, but better performance.

I take questions, but I don’t defend my choices why I do it how I do it. It works. :slight_smile:

First, thanks for the reply.

Second, Unfortunately I think my use case and yours are far different. Interesting uses, but I think we have differing goals and use cases… Again, I do THANK YOU FOR REPLY and comments… I did find them interesting and useful.

Yes… I have mine mounted to another metallic part on the garage opener… I am more interested right now in that it controls the garage door … and I can setup a rule to force it closed at x at night… I was actually going to work up a mag contact and Pi to do this… but Pi’s are no longer on every shelf and I don’t have the time for that sort of project.

I likely will put 2-3 move cameras in there as a portion of this is my “lab” which is semi temp controlled for various things… its not AC cool, but cooler than the average garage is which is fine…

Well I considered that… but not fruitco devices… :slight_smile: :wink: Definitely do not use that… If that works for you great… but this is Android and Linux country. We don’t do fruit or winslobber. :slight_smile: Additionally I don’t want a stream from the camera 24/7/365 on a tablet… Its really a shame that the “alleged” Alexa support doesn’t work… I simply want something to show the doorbell event to a “screen” when it happens… honestly as it should be… There should be a chime and display that comes alive on a doorbell event. Thats a HINT Wyze! For free!

I took a lot of grief tonight in my “lab time” to get the doorbell updated to the latest and “greatest” firmware, which “supposedly/allegedly” supports Alexa… I still get the “Sorry Dave…” message (thanks for playing along! :slight_smile: ) It does spin and gyrate through some more “Waiting for Wyze” screens before giving up with “Hmm… camera not responding… Sorry Dave…”

I only have the Show 5, and I have no idea what version other than that as I got last year, maybe 2 years ago on some super BF or around then or Xmas deal at the local HD… I bit only for the cheap price of it… as I am not a fan of these things…

But I set it up as I thought I needed to get it to use with my YoLink temp sensors as I didn’t know they had a “speaker hub” to talk alarms…but even that is not exactly what I need to get people attention…

I thought now though there would be a use for it… ding dong event show it on the Show… as like I said, I nor my parents are NOT Vulcan Mind Melded to a tablet or phone. I think there are a lot people in UX/UI stuff that needed to hire some OVER 30’s , or older, to 'xplain to Lucy and company not everyone is melded to a phone/tablet…

I really would just like to get:

  1. the doorbell to show on the Show on command ie: Alexa show the front door

  2. the doorbell to be able to use the rules in the video I posted to show the doorbell events automatically

  3. Get the Garage Camera with the Controller to SHOW VIDEO… I CAN control the garage door via Alexa and check its closed…I might expand on this… that the Show makes an announcement when the garage door opens or closes, and does a status at x to say I checked the garage door is closed… I’d have to look into all those things Alexa wise as I said I never got into these things… While I’d like to see the garage door camera… controlling the garage door is way more important in my use case then see the door go up and down. :slight_smile: :wink: At least on Alexa/Show.

Again, I GREATLY APPRECIATE the reply and insights into your setup… My overriding goal is to have KISS DOORBELL DISPLAY… I don’t want people continuing old bad habits of looking out side windows or even just opening the door! :astonished:

I might, MIGHT be able to retrain use if I put a simple cheapo tablet on the counter to access things… but it wouldn’t be automagically… which is a big hurdle UX let down for them, and me.

Again, thank for the reply and glad I am at last worthy for something! :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile:

Welcome. I see you are familiar with Yolink. They have two garage door products… One is a “finger” and works on just about every GDO.

And they have a door angle sensor that can tell you when the door is up or down, and send you reminders. Worth a look

I looked at them… and decided I wanted to consolidate as much under Wyze or X as possible…

Their finger is kinda gimmicky to me… honestly… I give them credit for a universal sort of solution… but mounting that would be a huge problem for me…

As for the angle sensor… that must be newer or newer than when I looked at sensors… For $23 and S/H/taxes I might add that just for some more comfort level… The YoLinks were/are mainly used for temp in the freezers and fridge… Had a fridge die… and no one noticed… don’t know how… as they do go in that spare fridge regularly… I don’t know… but I felt the YoLink’s were the best for this… and have been… I use a vibe sensor on my generator to know when it runs as I am not normally home when the exercise cycle runs… I manually full load it once a month as well. Actually got 2 full load runs thanks to elec co breakdowns…

I’ve got one of their sensors I am going to use as a “mailbox” sensor to announce the mail… Just have not got the spare time to do it yet… :slight_smile: :wink:

Actually I am probably 99% satisfied with the Wyze Garage Door Controller.. it works. I can tell Alexa to open/close the door. I can get Alexa tell me if its open or closed if I ask…

I have only one thing I would like to do is that at x time Alexa check the garage door… and say " I am checking the garage door… checking… The garage door is [closed|open] … Good night. "

I have a WYZE EVENT/SCHEDULE which does close the door. and has been working quite well… I am happy with it… I just would like the Echo show to say I checked, its closed…

I don’t know if thats possible with Alexa and Garage controller or not… a quickie look at this I didn’t see a way to do it… but I am not familiar with Alexa programming to know for sure.

If there is any quibble I have its with the setup of this… Wyze says its compatible with my controller… OK… BUT lacks the detail in connecting this to the controller… Thankfully if you are familiar with this sort of stuff. its not a big deal to take a guess and be correct 99% of the time… which I did… I like details, details, and more details on things… paraphrasing another movie quote… I don’t do anything without a plan!

It would just be great to see that camera…

BUT the BIGGEST thing is get the DOORBELL to SHOW UP When I say Show the Front Door and even more so automagically show the camera on doorbell. See my other post for some details on some slight progress which is a 2 steps forward sort of thing…


I have setup Alexa on a doorbell event to:


  2. Announce some one is at the front door…


BOTH of these work! !! ! Wooot wooot… happy dance… Don’t look Ethel… (YES I have a warped sense of humor or lack of same! :slight_smile: )

So two steps forward… and I can even set a Halloween chime for the day…That should be good for a laugh… bawahahahahaaha… yes I am evil. :slight_smile: :wink:

I have the UPDATED FIRMWARE : (November 3, 2022)
Improved live stream connectivity
Optimized CPU usage
Bug fixes (April 27, 2022)
Improved live stream connectivity

Fixed a bug that caused the live stream to get stuck at 3/3 includes all the updates from the previously halted version

Added support for Alexa and Google Assistant integration

I get some extra gyrations of “waiting for wyze” till it finally goes "hmmm… the camera is not responding … " Sorry Dave I can’t do that…


Again this is SOME PROGRESS… which could trigger trained behavior to use a tablet to open Wyze etc… Not my first choice, but a good 3rd/4th choice…

FYI: The Echo is Echo Show 2nd Gen ( Like I said in other posts this was a BF/Xmas deal for like $30 or something otherwise it would still be at HD :slight_smile: )

Any one with insight???


Cool Very cool.
I have their inside motion sensor in my mailbox. When the mailperson waves a hand across the opening, it signals. Works great.

I have the glass breakage (shake) Yolink in my old Tacoma that sits on the street. Literally any movement will trigger my attention. This is just in case for those folks that will see our catalytic converters.

And the outside contact sensor on my gate. Install it, set it and forget it. Works every time. I’ve not changed the battery in 18 months. Their stuff has the best distance and battery life. Love’em. If they only made a LoRa camera, they would sell a billion.

I have a V1 motion sensor in the back of my mailbox, but it just shows “MOTION” it never clears. It shows “normal” battery, but only one bar of signal. Did you place a mirror or something in the box to help it trigger better (how is it mounted)?
I have a V1 door sensor on the lid that works fine, but I always worry about the battery (tiny CR1632 battery) running out, and would love to go motion sensor that has that bigger battery (lasts MUCH longer). When they open the box I have a wyze bulb that lights up to tell me there is mail. Thanks for your help!!

This thread kind of describes my problem with the motion sensor:

Seems like it is probably a distance problem from the mailbox to the Wyze v2 camera that has the bridge in it. The mailbox is about 55 feet from the bridge. The door sensor on the lid seems to function properly to the same bridge though. The old V1 door sensor used to fail frequently too till I put the bridge on a short USB extension cable and moved it a couple of feet up from the camera itself.

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I agree, its a distance issue. Its not a question of not clearing. Its the distance from the bridge, sorry to have to tell you. I predict it triggered the motion as you were walking away from the bridge, and now its too far to reset its signal from the bridge.

You may not have noticed, but in my post, I am using a Yolink inside sensor. You need a hub too. The hub is about $23 and a motion sensor is about $21. But they are amazing. We are talking about 100% reliable at a distance of up to 1/4 mile, at least 1,000 feet. I use mine in an Alexa routine.
Mailman waves his hand in front of the sensor, when he puts mail in.
Yolink Sensor triggers routine.
Routine announces “You Got Mail”.
Wyze bulb lights up, (Headsup) is the bulbs name. Stays on for 3 min
Sonoff LED Pro Light strip lights and shows Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple colors.
Alexa Dot announces, Showing Mail Truck in Alley on Echo Dot
Show Alley Cam on Echo Show 8
(Works every time.)

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I decided to take the Motion sensor out of my mailbox setup and just leave the Door sensor in there. I deleted the motion sensor, and removed the rule that turned on a Wyze bulb. I then could not get the mailbox lid to trigger the Wyze bulb.
I moved the sensor bridge up another foot with a USB extension cable I had been using, still nothing. I then realized that the Motion Sensor was the device that was communicating well, and working the whole time (NOT the door sensor)!
I then was worried that the new Android app may not let me add the motion sensor back to the sensor bridge (the old bulbs and plugs cannot be added with the current version of the app).
The motion sensor added fine, and I put it back in the mailbox, and I added the rule back. It still shows “MOTION” as the status and the Door sensor shows “CLOSED”, but it is not working (I noticed the last time it was triggered was 10/30/2023. Motto of this story is always double or triple check before you delete a device!
It is humorous looking back on this story, but it was NOT funny while I was in the middle of troubleshooting!

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