Fix-It Friday - 1/5/2024

I have three V3 cameras tied to CAM PLUS that have “record sound” disabled in camera settings, advanced settings . Any events recorded to the WYZE cloud all stutter when viewing the event. I started a new thread and was told about the post I quoted above by @carverofchoice .

Cam1 (driveway) log: 1301025
Cam2 (porch) log: 1301029
Cam3 (ground) log: 1301032

Side note, I just tried enabling sound recording on the ground cam for a few minutes. The single event caught after doing so plays back without stuttering. I had tried this in the past but it did not resolve the issue. It looks like you all may be getting close to resolving the issue? Hope these logs help.


Here is the other thread I created: 3 out of 4 V3 CAM PLUS cameras have stuttering / freezing playback when not recording sound/audio

I thought I should mention that I have sound recording disabled on another V3 that is not CAM PLUS. All of the 12 second event recordings can be viewed without any stuttering.