Firmware update remotely

can device firmware update be done REMOTELY?
that means the wyze app and devices are not at the same location ? ?

Sure, for normal pending OTA updates, I do it all the time even if I am away from home. I once even did it for devices at home while I was more than a thousand miles away from home.

Log into your Wyze app, go to the device you think has an update and it should prompt you to update. If it doesn’t, click on settings, go to Device Info then Firmware Version and if there is a firmware update available you can tell it to update. If you’re update, it won’t give you the option.

If you want to ROLL BACK to a PREVIOUS firmware, then you can’t do that remotely because it requires you to use an SD card to “Flash the firmware” back to an earlier version.


I agree with @carverofchoice’s answer (not that he needs my affirmation), and I imagine there are situations where someone would want to do that.

Whenever possible, I like having relatively easy physical access to whatever device I’m working on, just in case something goes wrong. (How am I going to see an otherwise incommunicado device’s status light blinking at me if I’m in another state?) This is why I still haven’t updated the Video Doorbell v2 firmware, because I was away from home at the time it was released, and I’m glad that I haven’t attempted that one because of the problems reported with it. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, it’s possible. You just get to decide for yourself what the potential pitfalls might be and what’s an acceptable level of risk for you—but that same thing can be said for many situations in life, not just Wyze firmware updates. :upside_down_face:

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I do it routinely.


thank you for your speedy reply, appreciated.

Agreed I normally do that,
but, you can’t always be there to do the perfect upgrade.

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thanks, great to know, I will do that from now on with peace of mind.