Should I update by remote?

Hello there
I’m away on holiday and set up Pan Cam before I left to check on the house/cat while away.

Prior to leaving I had the dreaded firmware update that crashed the camera so after some mucking around worked out to roll back the firmware and things have worked great (apart from dismal night footage)

I see Wyze have now released a new firmware update that solves issues experienced with the last update.

The question is should I update by remote? If it doesn’t work I don’t think I can rollback remotely plus I have a micro SD card in the camera and I have heard that cause issues with firmware upgrades?

So should I wait or give it a go?

Many thanks in advance.

NO WAY! Not if it’s an important camera for you to view while you’re away.
I’ve never had a firmware update go bad but I won’t push my luck.


Thanks Angus I think I will take your advice!

I will second this. I haven’t had luck with remote updates or using the “update all” function.

I agree. I just updated all my cameras and they all went through, except one came up saying failed and kept clicking through the boot up process afterwards until I unplugged it and plugged it back in, Now the camera is back to normal but if you are out of town and that happened, you wouldn’t be able to power cycle it so the cam would just be offline till you get home. I’ve had this happen before as well so I never update mine unless I’m home.

I concur with above comments, stay the course. The new versions have not performed well.

Under normal circumstances, I have updated many Wyze cameras remotely, but the last couple have caused some issues. For your situation of not having any redundancy, and being able to keep it working, would agree with the others - wait till you get home to update.

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. . . and have read positive comments on the new firmware
. . . and have a free weekend to recover, just in case.


Lol thanks ALL I like the weekend to recover bit as 3 hours before I left for this holiday I set up the Pan Cam updated the firmware and …nothing! So only worked it out (to roll back firmware) about 10 mins I had to leave and felt like I would need at least a weekend to recover!

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