Your Big Software Update

I will not be at location for a couple months. When you do your big update, will my 6 cameras start working WITHOUT ME THERE? (I will not be able to unplug / plug).

Sound like you need Wi-Fi plugs,then you will not have the issue you do now

If you use Wyze indoor or outdoor plugs to restart devices beware, because they sometimes get firmware updates too!
I always test firmware updates on non-critical cameras first before I roll out the updates to the masses.

So after the big update, there is a chance they’ll start up again on their own? I can not be at location to unplug/replug. What does Wyze tech say? Thank you.

I have 34 Wyze cameras, and have been a beta tester for almost three years. As a result, I have likely done at least 1,000 firmware updates. To date exactly ONE time have I had a camera that required a power cycle after a firmware update. I have had cameras fail to take the update and resumed operation at the prior firmware level - requiring trying the update a second time… In other words, I would not get overly worried about doing a firmware update on cameras at a remote location (several of mine are as well).

With that said, I have had to power cycle cameras in order to get them reconnect to WiFi or to encourage a camera to connect to the correct mesh access point.


Wow, you are a Wyze guru! Thank you and others for response. I’ll also take advice of muerte33 and try 1st on non-critical camera. BTW, for the price I think Wyze is the best camera. I also have good results with Kasa & Canary. Not good with Wemo. Terrible with Arlo cellular. Anybody know good cellular camera works with ATT? Thanks!

Suggestion for Wyze: Do everything you can to NOT need to power cycle - for those of us not at location. Thanks.

Hey @K6CCC

That’s interesting and encouraging.

What’s been your experience, upon updating, of gaining features, having some bugs fixed, and having new ones introduced?

I can deal with a devil I know: The cam operation is STABLE on an older firmware - not perfect, but stable.

I will accept the imperfection and forego any new features or fixes included with later releases.

I can’t constantly be adapting to new devils. I think it’s unreasonable to expect the average customer to do so.



We use another vendor

Over the years, there have been many new features and fixes and a few interesting bugs introduced. But that’s what beta testing is all about. Obviously, Alpha testing (normally strictly in-house) will catch most of the bugs, but releasing software to a larger group of testers will find things that a smaller group won’t see. Simply put, end users will try things that no one else thought to try. I am a beta tester for Wyze software and firmware, and also for some other software and firmware that I use - unrelated to Wyze. The advantage of being a beta tester is that you get to see new features sooner than the general release and often have a higher degree of influence in changes. There are features in several software packages that I use that exist because I personally suggested them. Kind of a neat feeling.
Is Wyze perfect? No. There are issues I wish they would fix - mostly related to reliability.

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That has been my experience too, usually if the firmware update fails, it stays on the current firmware. You can then force the update again and it works (I have done it 3-4 times to get one to take though). I have about 11 Wyze cameras now (V2, V3, Pan1, Doorbell1).

I have a Pan Cam1 now that would not take that latest update, but Wyze pulled it. It shows OFFLINE now and I have powered it off/on many times. It works fine, just shows “This Device is Offline”.

Good Luck everyone!

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