Remotely Updated Firmware - Rookie Mistake?

I have two Wyze cameras at a remote site. After ignoring the pop-up many times that told me there was new firmware available and I should upgrade, I gave in and let the update run on one of the cameras. The app said the camera would reboot itself after the update. Well after the update that camera has gone offline - attempts to connect it fail after 10 tries and the suggestion is to reset or power cycle the camera which I can’t do since it’s not where I am and thanks to COVID won’t be traveling to soon either. any ideas? Do I just give up on that camera till I can get there physically? Should the App recommend only updating firmware if you are able to physically access the camera? TIA.

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I frequently update cameras remotely - and I’m a beta tester so it happens far more frequently… I can’t remember the last time I had a camera go brain dead during an update.

This will be of absolutely no use to you in your current situation, but a good thing to do for remote or difficult to access cams is to put them on a smart plug themselves. That way if they need to be power cycled you can do it remotely without having to have physical access. I did this for cams we use to monitor my in-laws in another city.
I don’t know what you can do in your current situation short of a neighbor? Or perhaps call the power company and ask them to interrupt your power🤣
Best of luck and sorry you are having this problem!

I wouldn’t recommend doing an update when you are not in the same place as the cameras. You just never know what might happen.

To make this relevant to these times… Don’t do updates to your work computer when you are at home either, unless you’ve got an IT (or IT adjacent) person near your work computer.

Yes! I had the same epiphany after the camera went down. On my list of things to bring up and install next time I ‘m there…

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