Upgrades failing

I have had multiple camera upgrades fail. I am not a happy camper. Power cycle does not seem to help, the camera still fails to connect. I have many cameras at a remote location.

Hello @bdamon, when you were updating the firmware were you updating them all at the same time using a group update?

One at a time, two in a row failed, one was local and after a full power cycle I was able to get back but the remote camera still fails to connect. I do not dare upgrade the cameras at the remote location until I am there at this point

I have the same issue on all FOUR cameras. two v2 and two pan cams. i only update one at a time. i noticed that after a reboot though, the firmware has updated to the latest.

i have had two updates on each cameras. every time, it says failed.
now my v2 won’t reconnect on power loss with latest firmware. this is frustrating.
i have also not been able to set up IFTTT on all devices and gives me an error.

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Is the failed remote camera able to connect? Even if it is not, try to going to the camera settings in the app, then Restart Device. It’s possible this will work even though the camera appears to be offline.

I was able to work through all my upgrades. One camera I had to reset for some reason.

I have one camera that takes 10 minutes or more to come back from a power cycle. It in in the ‘power off’ state and going into the menu and selecting ‘turn on’ returns Operation failed. Wait long enough, keep trying and it finally connects.

I’ve one of a batch of 4 I just got that seems to be doing similar.

Here are some troubleshooting steps to try.

First, sign-out and then back in to your Wyze account in the Wyze App and attempt to apply the firmware update again.

If you have access to an 8gb, 16gb, or 32gb microSD card you can also attempt to flash the firmware back onto the camera manually before attempting another upgrade. Use the link below.