Firestick, Wyze Sideload, Alexa, TinyCam?

Holy mackerel, every time I think I’ve reached the limit of what it can do, TinyCam surprises me again.

So the FireTV version doesn’t seem to allow adding an “Android camera”. How to get that tablet cam feed in another instance of TinyCam on a TV?

If only one instance of TinyCam could pull a particular camera feed from the web server of the first TinyCam instance. No way, right?

Guess again. And it works!


tinyCam is a great app and Alexy is very fast to respond to questions and fix problems.
I currently run the Pro server version on an Android TV box with 8 Wyze cams and an old D-link 720 cam.
I used to use the server to view my cameras on a browser at work.
Now that I am working at home I have tinyCam running on a Fire Stick connected to a 24" monitor with audio.


That’s a great idea. I have an extra monitor I don’t use. I could just have it dedicated as a security monitor run by a cheap Fire Stick, and even be the “server” to be able to see cams from anywhere. I might just do that. Thanks for sharing.

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pairing a bluetooth mouse with a firestick doesn’t solve the pointer issue ?

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Good point, thanks. It might have, but I was looking to use only the stock Fire remote. I have since purchased TinyCam Pro on both Fire and regular Android so it’s mostly moot for me.

Still would be interesting to see how far that would let me get with the sideloaded Wyze app.

i love that people are working with various ways to use these neet little Wyze platforms. :slight_smile:
Does anyone know if V2 can, after initial setup/config, both stream rtsp and continuous record to SD from a cold boot and no internet ?

Well, Wyze cams don’t stream RTSP at all without either special semi-unsupported Wyze firmware or 3rd party firmware. TinyCam is very cool because it can also talk to the Wyze cameras with normal Wyze credentials and Wyze stream format and no RTSP at all.

After a boot with no Internet the Wyze firmware isn’t supposed to be able to do much, but one person has reported that their cameras do continue to record to SD. I’m not sure how reliable or replicable that experience is.

I just did an experiment.
I blocked my V2 RTSP cam’s Mac address in my router. Then rebooted the camera.
RTSP worked fine through VLC, I knew that would work.
I have that camera set up to record Events to SD. It worked without an Internet connection.
I verified that the camera was not connecting to the Internet by disconnecting Wifi on my phone. I could connect to all of my cameras except the one I blocked in the router.
This camera is using Wyze RTSP firmware.


So, continuing my TinyCam saga, I’ve posted here a few hundred times about how great it is.

It does a fine job even though I am running it on a minimally powered Fire HD tablet, 24/7, with a 4 up display (and more on a 2nd page), several cameras, running the tablet’s front camera as an Android camera within TinyCam, running TinyCam’s web server exposed to the Internet, accessing its feeds via additional TinyCam instances on phones, and using its DVR features to record events to the tablet’s internal storage. The tablet is still responsive to touch and still responds to Alexa commands too. It’s quite a feat, really.

Tip - to keep things from closing use Android’s features to turn off all battery optimization relevant to TinyCam.

I more recently started trying TinyCam’s AI / person / object detection features and it’s not bad.

Even more fun, there’s a little switch for “Sound on motion” that rings a loud bell - it sounds exactly like a bell on a shop door.

In my initial testing / usage, the bell sounds within 2-3 seconds of a human appearing - my Wyze Alexa person announcements (which I love) are still taking about 22 seconds.

To exaggerate just a bit, that single little checkbox has now turned my old V2 into a touchless automatic doorbell.

I know I’ve pushed TinyCam more than is reasonable (for this tablet anyway) and it’s held up so well. The IPcam buffs don’t take it all that seriously but I really wonder if I should just keep using it - even as I integrate higher resolution cameras - instead of moving to the likes of Blue Iris and Frigate and ZoneMinder and HomeAssistant. I should probably use better hardware though.


I have been very happy with tinyCam running on an older Minix Neo U1 Android TV box. Like your setup it works great.
My only complaint about the Minix is that it doesn’t start up after a power failure. I have to physically push the power button. So, if the power fluctuates while I am away I lose the tinyCam server.

I have tinyCam on my phone but usually just use direct URL’s in a browser to view individual server cameras. This is useful on iOS devices that don’t support tinyCam. You can also use and software that supports URL’s.

Edit: After years of owning this thing, I just discovered that there is a setting to have it boot when power is restored. Now I have no complaints… about the Minix box… there are still many other things than annoy me, mostly people.

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Yep that’s another advantage of the tablet - built in battery backup! (Yes the battery may overcharge over time.)

Oh I’m with you there. :slight_smile:

If I were to use a back end Android box (the expensive NVidia Shield seems popular but I’d like to keep it under $100) I wonder how well the existing tablet could serve as a front end to it. TinyCam can work in a distributed fashion but it doesn’t seem that straightforward. (Even right now, I’d like my "console* tablet to be able to generate notifications on my phone, but without having a TinyCam instance on the phone that has to be accessing the same cameras all the time.)

If the great Alexey Vasilyev had better documentation and publicity / marketing, TinyCam would be a much bigger success. He puts so much effort into terrific features and compatibility but they are sometimes hard to discover. I find bits and pieces in stray Reddit posts and the like. The web site info seems pretty out of date versus the current feature set too.

I agree, if he documented some of this stuff better it would attract more users. I found the URL info accidentally.

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And I just found out (in yet another random forum) that in addition to acting as Axis cameras, the remote TinyCam server console can be defined as Android camera, model TinyCam Pro in the second mobile instance of TinyCam.

Probably doesn’t make a difference which is chosen. Channel numbers are in order of TinyCam display, not the original channels. And I don’t think I knew about your direct URL trick either. Thanks.

There is some good info here.

My URL’s look like this;

?camera=1 is all that has to change for each camera.

Funny, I had just been looking there myself, trying to find out if there is a way for activity identified on my TC “console” to trigger notifications on a phone instance. I think the only way is via the webhooks and Telegram type features. I haven’t found a way that really makes sense for the tablet.

My experience - I have had multiple FireSticks over the years. Finding the Wyze app has been challenging and my only solution was to sideload from Aptiode TV. I did find that my original FirerStick would not download the most recent version and had to upgrade to one of my 4K FireSticks. I have always used these mini keyboards with the touchpad to navigate, and I found they get the job done. I set them up via an OTG adapter.

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Huh, you couldn’t pair it directly to the stick?

They use a USB dongle so you need the OTG splitter for power to the Firestick since they only have one micro USB port.

But you don’t need the dongle? That’s for a PC that doesn’t have a BT controller. You should be able to pair the keyboard directly to the stick under Other Bluetooth Devices. Maybe I’m missing something.


Ah yes, you are right, again… :sweat_smile:
That one is Bluetooth and 2.4 Ghz wireless. It can be connected without the dongle. Mine is 2.4 Ghz only.