Failed to use Wyze Plug to provide remote reboot capability for my Wyze Video Doorbell

I’m trying to work around an issue I reported at Automatically restart the devices if it can't connect to wyze - #101 by matthewadams12.

The problem is that my Wyze Video Doorbell is reported offline far too much of the time. My workaround was to put a Wyze Plug in between the 110 VAC and the step down transformer so that I could have remote restart capability.

The design is like this:
110 VAC supply wires → Wyze Plug → Plugin wire → Doorbell Stepdown Transformer → Wyze Video Doorbell

I have a video of the failure at

Any ideas?

I don’t see a ground on your input to the Plug. If I understand this other post correctly, they said they had trouble with the plug under that scenario?

Might as well also make sure you have the incoming polarity correct in case the switch cares. Do you have a outlet tester?

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You’re right, I didn’t bother connecting the ground prong. I can do that no problem & retry. Thanks for the tip.

I don’t have an outlet tester, but it’s alternating current, so there really shouldn’t be polarity. I’m willing to be corrected, though. Which incoming black & white colored wire should go to which prong?

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It is considered polarized because there is a hot and a neutral. A polarized plug will have one prong wider than the other, which is the neutral (white). The other one is the hot (black).

My Wyze Plug was in one of the bedroom outlets with no ground. I have had no trouble since fixing the ground problem. I now have a Surge Protector plugged into the outlet and the Wyze Plug plugged into the surge protestor. I am using the Plug to run a schedule on plant lights. I have seen other problems with home electronics that come down to incorrect wiring in the outlets. Tech support should send out a bulletin to Wyze users to check their outlets and light sockets. They may prevent a fire by repairing faulty wiring.


Ok, so I’ll remember it using a mnemonic: _W_hite goes to _W_ide :blush:

I have ground right there, so will connect it when I get back there at the end of the month. It’s disconnected for now.

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Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: