Wyze plugs KEEP going offline, with only fix being pulling it and replugging it in

They disconnect from Wi-Fi. Wyze acknowledges the problem and the troubleshooter provides two fixes, either unplug and plug back in, or if that doesn’t work (about 60%ish of the time) remove and reinstall.
It happened as a result of a firmware upgrade. Judging by the quantity of issues, it is easily replicable; not some oddball bug happening to a few.
It makes them a non-viable piece of a security solution.

UPDATE: Just had another one disconnect with new firmware installed a couple days ago. Womp womp.

Tried power cycling with no luck. Power cycled one more time, but this time I decided to try messing with the button a bit. I tried holding it in while plugging in which didn’t do anything different, but then I double clicked the button and IT STOPPED FLASHING. Checked the app and sure enough it was online again.

I’m not sure if that’s what really reconnected it, or if it was pure coincidence that I double clicked as there was a reconnection happening behind the scenes. Will have to test again.

And yes I realize this is only a partial solution to the problem. A button cannot be pressed remotely nor while you’re sleeping but I fully expect Wyze to fix it and at least we can maybe skip the delete/add process for now.

I’m “excited” for one to disconnect lol so I can test this method again. Or perhaps someone in here can also try it (or maybe someone already has? idk haven’t gone through many other pages)

For those wondering, yes I submitted a log and I would encourage everyone in here to start/keep submitting them. Troubleshooting a problem like this is extremely difficult without a significant amount of data to compare.

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For some reason my four plugs have remained online for about a week with no changes on my end. Still running firmware Right now, all are in the same room on the same power circuit. Two are connected to V2 cameras, one to a portable phone base and the other without any load.

The firmware update released 2 days ago is a joke. The plug worked for a day, same as before the update… just give me the OLD firmware labeled as an update so I can install that.

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Anyone that was following the beta thread knew that this particular version of firmware, now officially the latest release, is a bust.

I am repeating this on this thread because it looks important. I just solved my own erratic plug problem two days ago. I got tired of the knock outs, so I did a full investigation of everything connected; starting with the plug and the apps.

The short answer is that I found out that the outlets in one room did not have a ground wired into them ( old house, old wiring codes ). Without a ground, the surge protection in the plug does not work. Every time it turns off, then on again, it runs a risk of knocking out. The quality of your home wiring is key to any electronic problems that Wyze, or other manufacturers, cannot plan for. Once it wad grounded, everything checked out OK on the meters. I was able to wire the ground myself, which most people SHOULD NOT DO on there own. Get someone trained and experienced in electrical wiring. I learned everything I know about electricity from a Master Electrician.

You can get an outlet tester at hardware stores for less than $10. You plug them in and the LEDs light up to tell you if the outlet is wired correctly; or what is wrong with it. Go around your house testing every outlet and writing down any that fail. Call a general handyman first to get them fixed. He will tell you if there is something more serious that requires a licensed electrician.

As I responded you your other post, my outlets are all properly grounded so this is not the only issue.


My home was built in 1997, and I double checked the outlets with a tester, and it reported “CORRECT”.
I even have one plugged into a UPS (that tested good too). I have the same one that is on the UPS plugged it into a BALDR meter so I can make sure there is nothing funny going on. I have 2 of the plugs still in the box from the factory, so I am going to plug one in with the “old” firmware and see how long it will go without losing connectivity.


Nice thought but my outlets are properly grounded as well. The issue is clearly hardware related. Plugs that were working well before the last upgrade are failing.


My Outlets are properly grounded as well. Four plugs that drop off the network more than they should (two Non Wyze Plugs have never dropped off the wireless network since we moved into this house over a year ago)



I pulled a new one out of the box and acclimated it to my network. It finished, and for some reason is still slow blinking. The app sees it, and it has an IP address, but the app will not turn it off, the button in the app grays out, and acts like it is off. It is at out of the box and wants to go to I will allow this one upgrade and check back in. The first shot at the upgrade failed. I unplugged it and moved it to another “tested” outlet, and when it booted the app (android) controlled it properly but still wanted to go to, so I let it, and it took that firmware. It is now says it is up-to-date and will not update any further. I know the .176 did not work, and the .179 did not work, so let’s see if the .126 is the last good one. If all else fails Wyze, just rebrand the exterior plugs as interior, then you will have a “fix”! The exterior one I have has been pretty solid, and it gives power use metrics too!

Please Wyze personnel, grab a brand new plug (out of the box), and run through this same testing scenario. It will only take a few days for the .176 or .179 to fail. If it is a problem with me being in the Central Time Zone, or if it is a secret router setting, I am open to trying a different one!

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My 2021 CFH Plug is on .126, and fails every week or two right next to the router. So something deeper may be going on. Hope it is solved soon (I supplied a log).

I still have one new one left (never activated) that came out of the same box as this previous one.
When this one fails, I will setup the new one and leave it at and block updates to it.
The problem with leaving it at .53 that is .126 added the “Time of Day” schedules.
I like that new feature, but I could do without it if they would just stay online consistently.
I have never joined the official beta testing program, because I already feel like a beta tester in production.

The “locally stored” time of day schedules go south when they fail, so I’m not sure there’s much gain in having them. That really was a bummer for my lamp that is 1500 miles away…

My plugs have been online for over a week now without problems and without any changes on my end. Plug firmware is Wyze server issues???

Oh my gosh. This worked for me. One of my CFH plugs running on .179 firmware just dropped offline. Used your trick and mine has reconnected without having to reset it. Thank you!

I’ve had the same problem with two Wyze plugs (2021 version, Model Wyze Plug CFH). My solution has also been to delete the plugs from the app, then to re-add them back, but this never works for more than a few days, sometimes as little as hours. I’ve had these plugs for several months, one of which has not changed physical locations during that time, but the disconnection problem did not happen for the first few months of use. I don’t know if the problem started with the current firmware ( or not. I have submitted logs.

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Yes, that is when the most recent set of problems began. WYZE then released X.179 stating it fixed the issue. Meanwhile lots of people that tested that version while in BETA reported issues with the firmware. WYZE has pulled both version 176 and version 179. The saga continues and everyone that has updated to either or both versions is stuck living with plugs going offline. I haven’t heard if there is yet another version of firmware being tested in BETA or not.

Not yet…179 is the latest beta that I see.

If Wyze did indeed pull the two most recent updates then hopefully this issue will be behind all of us very soon.

Keep on submitting logs until there are no logs to submit!