Failed to connect code -15

Have three brand new Wyze Battery Cam Pros. Iphone 12 pro using Wyze app. Can not get any of the cameras to connect live. Keep getting Failed to connect Code -15 message. Occasionally a code -16. Tried reinstalling app multiple times, ran all troubleshooting steps. (4 of them) multiple times. Occasionally it will hook up for a few seconds and take a photo or record a video. Seems like a software issue but not getting very far with customer support. Spent $450 on three cameras, SD cards and Solar panels. Would like to have them work as advertised.

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try use protonvpn.
if fails write them you will do chargeback and cams they can pick at your place

Similar problem with new camera error code (-15) as well as solar charger not appearing to be charging

My solar chargers are all working as batteries are still at 100% but the camera still gives a failed to connect -15 code most of the time. It has connected at times but it is really hit and miss. Defintely a software issue. I have a total of 6 cameras all do the same thing even sitting within arms reach of the router. Wish Wyze would fix it.