Exceeded the maximum number of connection error code with my new OG cams

The last 24 hours, I have started seeing an error message when trying to Live View my new OG cams (I have 2). the error code is IVI21022-20007) Message reads" Exceeded the maximum number of connections. Please try again later." Strange thing is, though I cannot connect for Live View, I can perfectly see/review same cameras in Playback. So the camera is working just fine, and recording just fine. I just cannot view either via Live View. ;-{. I have submitted a log. Tried to resolve in chat help. No resolution . Chat person stated likely a Software issue, since Playback works fine.

Are any of you out there with the new OG cams experiencing this as well?

Oh, BTW, My V3 Cams are connecting just fine. No issue with them at all

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Antonius. same here. has to be OG issue, as my v3 live streams perfectly at same time my 2 OGs won’t/can’t. I do agree if this cannot be resolved quickly, my OGs are useless. since I have just received them, plenty of time to return if wyze does not resolve quickly

I was just passing the info I read to you. I only have V3/V3 Pro and WCO version one cams. I have no need for an OG, I like the cams I have.

Are you trying to view the OG on multiple devices all at the same time? Like is it shared for 3 people to try looking at it? Do you have it showing on an Alexa device or Google Hub or TV and trying to view it on more than one phone?

That’s what the error seems to be saying, is that you are the 3rd person trying to stream the same cam at the same time. Is that what’s going on?

That is the case, Carver. I have an iPad in the Living Room and one another in a bedroom. a 3rd device in the office, which I only occasionally try to live stream. I have had this same setup with 2 v3 cams and have never experienced this issue with the v3 cams.

BTW, I am not sharing my cams with anyone.

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Ah, yeah, It is my understanding that since the OG cameras were designed as an entry-level camera, their hardware can’t handle more than 2 streams without negatively impacting the performance, so the 2 stream limitation ensures that it can continue to function properly. If more than 2 streams is needed, then mid-level cams like the V3 might be better suited for that situation.

I don’t believe that Wyze will be changing that in the near future.

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thanks for that explanation, Carver. Guess I should return the OGs and go back to my v3s. The reason I changed to OGs from my V3 cams is the built in spotlight on OG. I have now purchased 4 spotlights for my v3 cams, none of which seem to function more than a few days before basically crapping out. As I use these for night-time as well as day-time viewing, reliable spotlight operation is essential.After going through 4 of them with same spotlight issues on both my v3s, I gave up on them EVER working for me. was hoping OGs with integrated spotlight would resolve this issue.

So , the integrated spotlights are working fabulously, but now the viewing limitations on only 2 devices (I don’t remember reading of this limitation when reviewing OG operation prior to purchasing them) are causing me a whole other issue… Now I have to determine - do I go with limited viewing options, with reliable spotlight (OGs), or reinstall my V3s and deal with very unreliable spotlight experience…

V3 Pro has a good LED spot light but yes the price for the Pro is higher.

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And I already have 3 each V3s that I have purchased. I do not think I am willing to spend even more because the spotlight on the v3s are not working…

Go cheap and get a battery powered motion spotlight on-line or the hardware store for about $!5.00. My house already had 3 wired spotlights from the early 1980’s. I swapped them out for LED motion spotlights, looks like a stadium when they go on with motion. :rofl:

Maybe I will try that, Antonius. Any suggestions on what to buy? I am not technically astute.

I guess that would depend on how big of an area you need to light up. I don’t have any battery powered or solar powered spotlights but some of the houses around have them to light up small areas.
Something like this 2 pack about $30.00 with prime or check around Lowes Home Depot for maybe a similar light. It says these use 4 D cell batteries, detects motion 5-7 meters approximately 16 -22 feet away. and are 600 lumen bright white.

Thanks, those look perfect! I need low level lighting because my next door neighbor complained when my back door light came on with motion. I can keep these at a low level w/ the cams and not bother her, as these lights seem to not be too bright. Thanks so much for this.

600 lumen is not a lot but it will light up a small area, kind of like a 40 watt or 60 watt old style light bulb but bright white.
They look very adjustable for aiming. ??

One thing I forgot to ask, why do you need a light? I have two V3 cams that I use with the Night Vision on
(Black and white) with the IR lights on the Far setting and they work good in really low light conditions up to about 45 feet away.

I am feeding some critters close to my house. prefer to see in natural colors vs black and white for this reason. Wyze has suggested to keep night vision off to get better picture quality. so my setup is ir light off, night vision off, spotlight on dusk to dawn . both of my v3s. are less than 3 feet from areas I am viewing.

Great, I record critters every night, numerous Raccoons, one Possum, one Skunk and at least 3 neighborhood cats. I was giving the Raccoons snacks but since they wake up to late either the possum or the cats steal them so all they get is water out of their water bowl. :rofl:

Love that you are feeding your critters. Same here for Raccoons, Possums and stray cats. I have smelled Skunk presence, but have never caught one on my critter cams, after 3+ years of nightly recording on my various Wyze cams, I am sure I would have caught a skunk eating at least once , if they truly ventured to my buffet. ;-}