Too Many Connections?

Getting error code 20007, too many connections

It just started when my wife tried to access the live stream on the app while I was also watching it.

Any ideas?


This is with my OG V3 Telephoto

It appears that the OG Cam is limited to only two simultaneous Live Stream connections at any given time. This may be a limitation of the new firmware OS Wyze used to build it.

There is a #wishlist request asking for an expansion of that two stream limit.

Follow the link, vote at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add a reply to the bottom for your use case.

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My son must have been watching too.

I would love to beta test and give input on beta versions.

Is there a special forum for beta testers?

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This link will get you started.


The Beta testers all post here in the open forum in threads that are specifically created in the #beta category when a new Beta Firmware or a Beta App is released. The #beta category is also accessible thru the main category menu.

The Wyze Knowledge Articles also have instructions on how to become a Beta Tester: