Getting error with new Wyze OG camera "Exceeded the maximum number of connection"

Getting error with new Wyze OG camera “Exceeded the maximum number of connection”, trying to view from more than 2 devices. I didn’t get this error with v2 camera. It’s important i’m able to view more than 2 live streams, otherwise this becomes useless.

I saw some other people mention this limitation. I am guessing that Wyze must have found that these entry level cameras did not have the processor or memory hardware capable of supporting more than 2 direct connection livestreams at a time without negatively impacting user experience. I am not speaking for Wyze, but they have definitely told us that the intent of these $20 cams was to have this be the entry level with the most affordable price. I think if someone needs a higher end camera with more capabilities and better processor and memory hardware, that is what the mid-range V3 cam and the higher end V3 Pro cam are for, as they have a more expensive processor and memory that can support things the entry level cams are not capable of supporting. Different camera lines will fit better with different needs.

It sounds like the entry-level cams may not be the best choice for anyone who needs more than 2 simultaneous streams, and that a V3 or V3 Pro might be a better option in those situations.

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I’m getting this error too. I have all kinds of Wyze cameras and this wasn’t really advertised (unless it’s in a fine print). I understand the idea of this being an entry level camera, but they also made this a camera with features that others don’t have (new event timeline, 3x for the telephoto, PiP). I don’t think it’s fair to lock certain features to these cameras yet limit them.

Are there plans to allow more than 2 live streams in a future update to the OG? Does the v3 have this limitation? Even if performance were to lag a bit, more than 2 streams should be allowed with a warning of potential degradation.

For now I’ll have to switch back to v2 camera or consider more expensive options, we use the camera to monitor an elderly mother with dimentia, someone can accidently leave the live stream on a phone or tablet which would prevent others from viewing remotely.

Their original cameras were cheap as well, and they allowed more than two users. I don’t think this is a hardware limitation as the camera doesn’t stream directly to viewing devices, it streama to the cloud first if I’m not mistaken. If that is the case, then Wyze is limiting the views in their backend. I agree, this was not disclosed prior to buying the camera and I’ve never run into that problem before. I wish I wouldn’t have invested the time and energy to upgrade my old cameras for these.