Two OG's arrived today. Error Codes: 21022, 21023 Anybody know what these are? Support doesn't

Bought two OG’s from Amazon. They arrived today. Installed them. I have multiple Wyze Cameras, so I do know how to install. About 10 minutes after install, I get disconnects and the following codes… 1 camera shows a 21022 error code, the other one shows a 21023 error code. I’ve looked, searched, etc. for a COMPLETE list of codes and can’t find one. I called support. They have no idea what these codes mean. The person said Wyze hasn’t given them an updated list. At least I have 30 days to return them.

Hi sorry for the issue. Could you please pass me two snapshots with the error code and device logs for those two ogs. Thank you so much!

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