Two OG's arrived today. Error Codes: 21022, 21023 Anybody know what these are? Support doesn't

Bought two OG’s from Amazon. They arrived today. Installed them. I have multiple Wyze Cameras, so I do know how to install. About 10 minutes after install, I get disconnects and the following codes… 1 camera shows a 21022 error code, the other one shows a 21023 error code. I’ve looked, searched, etc. for a COMPLETE list of codes and can’t find one. I called support. They have no idea what these codes mean. The person said Wyze hasn’t given them an updated list. At least I have 30 days to return them.

Hi sorry for the issue. Could you please pass me two snapshots with the error code and device logs for those two ogs. Thank you so much!

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I started seeing these errors, 21022 & 21023 errors a couple of weeks ago on my new iPad. The error 21022 that I just received is log# 1173352 and I’ve attached a photo of the error. The iPad is running IOS 16.6.1 latest release. The camera is on the latest release firmware. Firmware on OG is 1.0.67.

WYZE app version is 2.44.5(3) on both iPad and iPhone 13.

The errors have been going back and forth between 21022 and 21023.

An interesting issue side note is, that my iPhone 13 running the same IOS release only shows that the camera cannot connect while the new iPad shows the attached error in the photo. Anyone have any ideas what’s going on?

Did you ever get this resolved?

My iPad seems to have gotten much better. I’ll see one of these errors, but very infrequently now. I keep monitoring though.

Did you ever learn what 21022 error is? I am now getting it. All devices. Started this week.

I’m also getting both of these errors. Even after resetting it. Haven’t been able to connect for a week.