Wyze Cam OG Firmware Update Failure

I need help!!! I purchased 2 new Wyze Cam OG’s the other day, we already have Wyze Cam v3’s and Wyze Cam Outdoor, they work perfectly fine and always upgrade firmware with no hiccups. Until we purchased these OG’s… we set them up, they’re connected to the Network, but I cannot do anything with them, every time I click on them, it pops up that I NEED to Update Firmware. So I click on it, to update both OG cams, and every single time, the Upgrade Fails. With Error Code -15. I have researched, done EVERYTHING I can think of or read to do. Disconnected every other camera and device from network, so it’s only these 2 connected… Rebooted wifi, update phone apps, deleted and reinstalled phone apps… deleted cams, set back to factory settings, set up again as new cams. Place phone/cam/wifi within inches to each other… cleared app cache… EVERYTHING, and it’s still saying Firmware Upgrade has failed.
What else can we do to get these to Update and work!?!?

You can try to get them updated one at a time thru the App Firmware Update page also.

Power Cycle the cams by unplugging them for at least 30s.

Open the app and go directly to the Account tab. Do not try to open the cams.

Click on Firmware Update, find the cams and try an update one at a time. Give it time to do its thing.

Nope, that does not work either.
I also tried everything that 49brooksak tried, without any result.
I opened a ticket yesterday night, and this morning I was requested to send the cam logs. I sent them and I’m waiting for a response.

The other option is to factory reset the cam and manually flash the most up to date firmware to it. If the last update failed mid-stream, it may be preventing a new update attempt.

Do you know from where can I get the firmware?
The support guys just closed my ticket and did not resolve the issue.

I just checked the updates page and it doesn’t look like there are any firmware updates available for download. What was your ticket number from CS?

This is the ticket number 3049379.

Thanks! I have asked someone @ Wyze to take a look at that ticket for you to see if more can be done. I will let you know if I hear anything.

Thank you very much.

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First, when Wyze could not find how to resolve the issue, they gave me a gif card to buy another camera: CAM PAN v3. This camera is working fine so far. Thank you.

As an IT guy, I could not let the subject behind, and I continued thinking about what was the issue with these cameras. It took me weeks but at last I think that I found the issue: an unstable Wi-Fi connection.

Note that I said “unstable”, meaning that any laptop or other device in the network did not noticed any network problems, but these cameras were specially affected with the lost of “data packages” and “time outs”.

I found this answer when one laptop located in the same room where the router was located, started losing connection. After reading a couple of articles, I decided to buy a new router, this time a nighthawk.

Reconfiguring all my devices was a nightmare, but after some days I finished, and the laptop located in the same room that the router never lose the connection again. It was then when I decided to try again with the OG cams: they connect and the upgrade happened without any issue.

Therefore, Wyze you might want to check the firmware to make it more resilient to data package lost or increase the network timeouts - a better error message would be also helpful.

@SlabSlayer, should I return these two cameras to Wyze?

Thank you for your help.

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No. You’re an IT guy and just proved the cams weren’t the problem, that the router was. I have been posting everywhere that routers cause more problems than cams but everyone is more apt to blame Wyze and the cams because it is the easy thing to do. Even when the router is found to be the problem, it still somehow gets pointed back to the cams and Wyze that they should be 100% bulletproof somehow. Users are quick to swap a router to a better model when it’s time, but never want to swap to better cams… Because there are none.

You’re an IT guy. Had you simply given the nighthawk the same SSID and PW as the previous router, all you would have had to do is turn it on. Every device on the old network would have logged into the new network without ever realizing the mothership had been upgraded.

I was able to resolve an OG firmware update issue, and can tell you the steps to assist other customers if/when they run across this issue, and they will.
Evidently, the OG firmware update routine is coded slightly differently than previous cameras and doorbells. I upgraded 16 cameras and a doorbell successfully, but failed with error 22001 on both of my OG cameras.
ISSUE: I recently started using a better VPN on both my Computer and my Android phone and it had no ill effects on monitoring all cameras or playback of the videos. As I stated above, my V2’s, V3’s, Pan V3’s, and Doorbell upgraded without issues, but not the OG’s.
SOLUTION: On my VPN settings > Auto-Tunneling > Apps > I added Wyze & Wyze Car which allows any device associated with Wyze to bypass (tunneling) the VPN restrictions. And Violà, both OG cameras upgraded from 1.0.71 to 1.0.80 without further issue.

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