Events Page Recording Time Incorrect

Lately I’m getting a lot, I mean a lot, of events page recordings showing the time in minutes, yet when I go to view them the recordings are only seconds long. For instance one of the many I got today showed the a recording that was supposed to be 4m55s on the Events page but when I viewed it, it was only 15 seconds long. Why?!

I will look for this on mine. I haven’t noticed this myself, but haven’t been paying close attention recently.

If anyone else is also seeing anything similar, please speak up so we can try to figure out what any of the commonalities or cause may be.

Resist, I assume you are using the most recent Production/Public App version on iOS right? How often are you seeing this? In other words is it a few times a day, every single event? Is it just on the V3 cams? Any other model?

My initial gut suggests we have some people look at the production iOS APP with V3 cams to start with and branch out from there.

@spamoni @R.Good @IEatBeans @Newshound @cyberdog_17 I know you guys have iOS and V3 cams. Can you guys check some events from some V3 cams and see if the event page time and the actually recorded event time are mismatching on any recent events for you too? It would be good to find some confirmation. I’ve seen Resist reporting this for a few days now. I haven’t seen anyone else notice this yet, but Resist is a detail-oriented person who frequently notices some easy to overlook things before anyone else noticed. If we can figure out some confirmations, maybe we can get some logs to someone to look at it.


I very much am familiar with this issue. However I haven’t seen it for a bit. I just went through multiple V3’s and couldn’t find an instance of it. I looked at varying event times and such and all matched.


I can’t find any instances of this on my V3s either. I will let you know if I see any in the future.

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All I know is when I notice a recording on the Events page with a recording time of around 2 minutes or more and open it to play, it’s no where near that long of an event. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the latest iOS or the latest Wyze App firmware. The app seems to also freeze a lot too, then about 20 to 30 seconds later it’s fine. But if I’m reviewing a lot of events this could happen a couple of times. These issues are making using the app a real pain.

I’m unsure if deleting the app and reinstalling it would help. But if I did that then I would have to setup all my cameras all over again, which means I’d have to get a ladder out to scan a couple of them because they are mounted high up.

My iPhone 13 Mini is running iOS 17.2.1 and my Wyze App is on 2.48.0 (6).

Still having these issues. Had around recordings with several showing they were 5 minutes long on the Events page, yet were actually only around 12 seconds long.

Then of course the app would freeze up a couple times. And then read that others were having this freezing issue too.

Another day and another load of recordings that show the incorrect recording time on the events page. And more app freeze ups.