iPhone App Doesn’t Playback to Time of Event

An update seems to have broken my app. If I see an event from earlier and tap playback, it only plays back a few minutes back from current time. It used to play back to the time of the event. This is a major pain as it means if I want to see more from an event from a day prior, I have to do a ton of scrolling. Anyone else notice this problem?

I’m using Wyzecam V2. All firmware up to date as is the app.

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Hi, Welcome to the Wyze community! Check out the website I will link below and see if your problem is listed. If so, Wyze is aware of it and is working on solving the problem.

Welcome Doug. This is a known issue with the latest Wyze app release for iOS. I’m trying to get a status update here:

Edit: Looks like the problem has been fixed and will be available soon as an upcoming app update.


Thank you very much. I’ll patiently await the release of the new app.


Just checked the latest Wyze app for iOS (v2.15.22)… looks like the playback time issue has been resolved. Please update your Wyze app from the Apple App Store for the fix.