Events won’t play back

None of my events will play back on my iPhone 12. All of the icons are there showing the 12 second events that have been recorded, but none will play. All I get is the spinning wheel. They all play perfectly on my wife’s iPhone 8.


Have you tried restarting the iPhone 12? I have an older iPad where a restart most times will fix this issue.

Fail to see how/why it would be phone specific. The app is simply requesting the cloud steam the clip. It’s like forever buffering though. I have the same problem and it goes on for days then for apparently no reason it will function normally again. No update to the phone, no update to the app—essentially zero user side changes. It’s all on the Wyze side as usual. Every single issue I’ve ever had has been a Wyze resolve either sever side or app update. I’m so close to being done with the brand.

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I have a brand new iPhone and constantly have issues revisiting my events when I click on them. I have to go to the actual camera and play it back from there.