Events Won’t Play Spinning Wheel

I have two Wyze cams, a V2 and an outdoor. I am unable to playback events. I receive a spinning wheel and the playback freezes. I had contacted Wyze support and did basic troubleshooting and also sent a log to them and the resolution provided was that this may be fixed with a future

update. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or has found a way to fix this? All my versions are up to date as well… I’ve attached a video to show the error I’m experiencing.


I’ve been seeing the “spinning wheel” more often lately. If I swipe to the next (or previous) Event, then back again it usually loads. Fast, solid internet connection, so not related to that. Running the latest released app and firmware on my six v2 cameras.

I am having the exact same issue on one of two outdoor cams

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I have the exact same problem and have had for several weeks. There are multiple forum posts on this. I also have a problem with playback from the SD cards in my cameras. Playback is one frame per second, even though the recordings on the card are fine, if you remove the card and play the videos on a computer.

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ahh the swipe away/back actually does sometimes fix it for me, thanks! I’ve been seeing this fairly often on my new Outdoor Cam and it’s driving me crazy. I just ordered a couple devices to test out Wyze before I dropped a load of money on something like Nest but this is making me think the money for Google Nest is probably worth it. Although the swipe away/back seems to say it’s just an issue in the app and not a problem with the camera itself.

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Interestingly for me the problem only occurs on my V2 cam and only when it records an event while in night vision mode. My 2 v3’s (one with CamPlus, the other w/o) work fine for all event playbacks.

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Same here. Every clip on my v2 stalls at 2 secs in. My v3 works flawlessly.

Same issue, all the time with night events… Just when I’m about to view the event that was captured, it stops with the spinning wheel. V2 cameras and pan cams.

Same issue as well. I get the spinning wheel on all 3 of my V2 cameras.

Same issue with 2 V2 Wyze Cams, and also when night vision/mode is active and trying to play back event logs (12 sec clips). It will play for the first 2-3 seconds and then stop with buffering circle, and it won’t load after that. This has been on-going for more than half a year with no response or fix? WHAT THE HELL, WYZE?!

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I just get “Error (Code 09): Failed to fetch the video from cloud.”

Relogging didn’t fix it.

Reinstalling the app seemed to fix it.

Before reinstalling, Wyze app (on Android) was using over 1GB of space. The reinstall changed that number to 285MB.

Same exact problem here. V2 cameras freeze usually during night mode playback

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I got my issue resolved!!! Had to delete the cam from the app and then factory reset the cam, add it back to the system and viola! Events playback now, even the old ones that previously didn’t. Thank you tech support!!

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I too am having this issue. Very frustrating.

I’m having the same issue. It used to play event without a spinning wheel. Is there a know issue and possible a fix for this?

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I can’t play events with the spinning wheel. Wyze support unable to do anything.

Same issue. What is the solution?!

I am having same issue with iphone, ios 16.2. Updating to 16.3 now.

I tried deleting and adding the camera back, but still the old event won’t load. This only happens to specific events for me.

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Has anyone updated their Wyze Cam V2 to the latest firmware (1851)? They say it fixes a video upload issue which I think may be the cause of certain event videos not loading. I see those videos as lost but if this update fixes the problem I’ll be happy.