Playback problems of recorded events on the Cloud

Wondering if anyone else is getting this problem with playback of motion triggerred recordings from a WYZE CAM. I had this problem occassionally before and it has grown increasing worst. Now, with all 7 CAMs (5 V2s, 1 Outdoor and 1 V3) playing back an event stalls with a spinning circle in the middle of the screen. Occassionally, it will play and then stop. Most of the time, it just stalls at the beginning and will not move forward at all. I typically have to drag the play position to the end so that the download icon will show up for me to download the video. The download completes very quickly and plays properly, so it is not an internet/server issue but an issue within the WYZE app itself. I have CAM+ on 2 of the CAMs, but this issue is universal on all the cameras.
I got in touch with tech support and after a lengthy session trying various steps like reseting the cameras, reinstalling the app and ending with my upload of the app’s log, they concluded that it requires an update to the app. So I must continue to struggle with downloading every video before I can view the video. I saw one report here of similar problem last Dec with several replies of similar issues. But I am still having this problem now 9 months later. It has been several weeks since I contact tech support and I have not seen any updates to the app for this issue yet. Just wonder how many people are also experiencing this issue.

What app version are you currently using? What phone type and os version are you using? Are you using wifi or cell data?

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I am on v2.24.36 of the WYZE App. I am using an iPhone 12 mini with IOS 14.8. I have the same issue with my Phone 7S+ as well. I have tried both WiFi and cell data with the same results. Speedtest on WiFi shows that I have 25MB/s download speed.

I am having the same issue. I am on Android Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Wifi connected and on v2.24.51