Issues after updating Wyze app

Running into the following issues recently with outdoor cam.

Are others facing these issues as well?

  1. When you click event video notification, it no longer takes me to the video itself.

  2. The 12 second motion recorded videos do not play… just keep getting the loading circle.

Have already tried the following methods for # 2:

  • delete/reinstall app
  • camera reset
  • WiFi vs mobile internet
  • phone storage is good
  • all firmwares fully up to date

Trying my best to stay with Wyze but has been too unreliable lately.


I am having the exact same thing now. You are not alone.


Here’s an explanation for that:

I’m not having this issue in beta. Is this only happening to WCO 12-second videos or Cam Plus videos too?


Hi the video loading issue is only happening to WCO 12 second videos

I have 3 WCO in total:
1 with cam plus - videos loading fine
2 without camplus (regular 12 second videos - videos get stuck on the loading circle


I also have 3 outdoor as well and they do this to me as well. If I close the app then re open it will usually play. And if not it will eventually play. Kinda weird when all of my pans and v2 play fine for the most part.

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I have this problem as well.

@JaySingh, @ricco1653, @zkayc, @jaketheone46 and anyone else having issues, please submit a log and post the number here.

I just reverted the FW on my outdoor cam back to FW .183 and notifications are working again. This is the first notification I’ve received in 6 days. :+1:

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Back to .183? Mine are all
V4.17.0.183 and all 3 say they are up to date. Was there a update after
Mine always just open the app when I click on the notification, so they don’t go to live feed or to the video. Then when I click the video I get the thinking circle. If I close the app then go back it will usually play. I’m just making the best out of it being these horror update stories I want nothing to do with. So when I get a notification I don’t even bother going to the video, I click on the cam that the notifications was from and take a look at the live feed. Then I’ll go back to the video.

I’m using the Beta app and it will allow you to revert to a previous FW. Mine was on FW .186 reverted to .183

Unfortunately, the production app doesn’t give this option.

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done. log id 63507

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I just submitted log 69558 from a different outdoor camera also experiencing this issue off and on. I also submitted a recording from today that will not load. Since I can’t load and save the recording to attach to the log, I submitted the recording separately for research purposes a few minutes ago. Timestamp 9:23 this am.
Hope this is helpful.

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