Wyze Cam Outdoor Events Buffering

Hi, I just purchased (3) Wyze Cam Outdoor units. All have the latest firmware and all have excellent signal strength back to the base station. I have SD cards in all of them and the base station but I understand unless I manually record something these remain empty.
I can live view each of the cameras with no problem.
The problem is when someone or something is detected, the camera will start recording. And I will get a push notification a short while later (maybe 20-30 seconds) and when I open the app on my iPhone or iPad I see a thumbnail beside the event that was triggered. When I click on it to play the 12 sec clip all I get is a round buffering circle in the center of the video. I am not receiving the “THIS VIDEO DOES NOT EXIST” error like we once were.
Once in a while I will get a complete 12 sec video to watch from the WCO…
I also have (6) V2 cameras that do NOT have this issue. When I click an event it starts playing the video promptly.
Any help or advice on what the problem could be?

Thank You!!!

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