Notification Alert

When I receive a notification alert and click on it , it takes me to the LIVE video for the camera instead of the recording (IOS) ?
Is anyone else have or having this issue?


Yes, I’ve posted about this via Beta feedback and in a couple of other threads, asking that the original behavior be restored (take me to the Event clip). I believe this is only happening for iOS users, not Android, so it must be a bug for one camp or the other. @WyzeGwendolyn

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Welcome to the Wyze community @JohnnyHabs!
What app version are you using? Beta like @milehiguy?

I am using IOS 2.15.41 & Wyze firmware.

When this happens, at least for me, it means the event is still being recorded. Once the event finishes, it takes me to the recording.

This bug effects android as well. Both beta and production. It is not consistent however (not limited to specific cameras/times/camplus or not) which makes it weirder. Ive sent in a few different logs.

Fwiw … given that this has been formally reported (and discussed in the forums) on multiple occasions, it would be nice if Wyze would officially acknowledge (and ultimately fix) the problem. My $.02 …

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Agreed. Its been an issue since they changed the video player (three software versions ago?)

Its worse on android with the sometimes notification delay. It means whatever the alert is for is potentially long gone, so live view doesnt help at all.

Ive only had it happen once today, which is progress,

However a new bug has been introduced where if the event does play and I go back to the events list, any other event that I tap will play as that first event.

Im also not receiving any notifications for my two cameras on CamPlus (theyre turned on)

Hi, folks!

What’s going on with that is we’re trying to make notifications faster. Instead of the notification being sent when the whole video is ready and uploaded, we send it when the thumbnail is uploaded. If you select the notification before the video is ready, it takes you to the Live Stream so that you don’t miss out on anything important. If you click it and the video is ready, it should take you to the Event video like before. :slight_smile:


Makes sense then why it was effecting me more than others. (My internet is crap)

Thanks for the insight!

Thanks for the explanation, I had no idea why it started taking me straight to the Livestream all of a sudden. I’ll count to 10 the next time I get a notification, then select it and see if I get the Event.

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@WyzeGwendolyn I just tested this on my iPad and you are correct, however … the iOS notification alert that appears from the top of the screen is only visible for 2-3 seconds (?) before it disappears off the top of the screen again. To test, I pulled down from the top to reveal notification center, then chose the most recent Wyze notification from there, and indeed the 12-sec Event clip played. But, given the short amount of time the notification stays visible, you pretty much CAN’T tap it when it drops down from the top of the screen to display the clip. And I don’t really want to make my Wyze notifications persistent. Thoughts anyone?

I understand what was trying to be done now !! My only comment on that is : that I have yet to click on the notification and see anything happening live so I have to go to the Events page anyways… guess I’ll get used to it.