Event Report Update, is it useful?

The new “feature” in the Wyze App about the cameras popping up twice a day, is it necessary? In my opinion, it’s useless and the resources putting it together could have been spent elsewhere, for example making the product more stable.

What do you folks think? Am I out of line and this “feature” is really helpful or just a gimmick?!
EDIT: In case I don’t make sense, here is a screen capture:


I can’t speculate on what it took to create it, what the catalyst was that inspired it, or the commitment of resources required… I surrendered my cape some time ago.

But, I have yet to find a practical use for it in my constant use of the app. Perhaps if it had more detailed threat analysis reporting tied into the Threat Alerts the HMS is supposed to send so that it could deliver time specific historical trends of threats it might be a useful tool for developing rules based threat responses.

Thanks brother. So your conclusion is same as mine. USELESS!

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Not really the same… Not useful to me, YET.

I think it’s kind of cool to be honest. Take my Video Doobell Pro stats:

At a glance it alerts me that there is something very different that happened on Thursday (we hosted Thanksgiving) and shows me several things at a glance, including all the packages. Also, check out Wednesday, I can see that Wednesday night there was a ton of activity and now I can go check and see why there was so much going on at my house on Wednesday night when usually there is very little activity during those hours.

Check out how useful this thing is for a Toddler cam though!

The above stats tell me that there was abnormal activity going on in my toddler’s room on the 26th, both during the daytime and at night. The night time abnormality indicates that my daughter must not be sleeping very well or was restless or something else. Now I am informed that it might be worth filtering events to my daughters camera on Saturday and see what was going on at night to cause so many more events than normal…A TON more than normal. This one in particular is definitely helpful to me.

Others also:

These statistics and patterns are interesting to me. Also, if a camera suddenly goes from X minutes of events to almost 0, like you can see in the dining room cam above, that is also a warning about something that happened. You can see that it will even tell you when there is a specific change of certain detections…such as it noticing that it’s weird that my pets are suddenly being spotted on one of the cams way more than normal, and I might wonder why they’re suddenly in that area so much more when they didn’t used to be, or why they aren’t in an area anymore when they have been a lot in the past. Same with people, packages, vehicles, crying, talking, or pattern changes with all sorts of other detections. Maybe it even does it with face recognition and can tell me a certain PERSON has been showing up or avoiding a certain place differently than they used to. I think that’s all really cool.

Such notifications of pattern changes can help to inform us in countless ways. Maybe an animal/bird bumped or moved it out of place, maybe something happened to the camera. I can think of dozens of ways these stats are cool for me, and I do use them. I really only check them once a week or so, but I definitely do use them and like them. Though I would like to be able to set push notifications/alerts to be actively notified when an abnormality is detected on certain cameras, AND I wish it was easier to switch to which cameras stats I wanted to look at, instead of having to hit the left arrow and right arrow to move to the next camera.

I don’t think it is taking away resources from anything else important though. Keep in mind that Wyze has several different dedicated teams of different kinds of specialists. People working on AI stuff like this weren’t ever going to be the people working on “making the camera more stable” or any other product. It is solely their talent to find new ways to make the AI useful. I think this is a cool thing to explore. There are certainly going to be ways to make it better, but it’s got some decent potential IMO.

I love the stats summary myself, and don’t consider it a Gimmick, but something that has informed me of several cool things that I would’ve overlooked and wouldn’t have realized without it. I think the AI team should keep exploring along these lines and improving it and allow us to choose to get a notification about it for certain cameras…such as for my toddler cam (let me know if there is something abnormal happening with my daughter’s sleep schedule, etc). I give it a thumbs up and hope to see more options.

Also, for anyone who does not like it or does not care about it and wants to turn this off, open your Wyze App, go to the account tab, Select Notifications, Click on “App Discovery” and then you can disable Event reports entirely by toggling off “Event Reports”

Nobody is forced to have these insights, and the above will help you to turn them off, but it is kind of cool for some of us to be informed when there is a change of normal patterns on some of our cams. I’m loving it so far. :+1: Put me in for a vote on the positive side.


One feature that I find more disruptive than useful is the link at the bottom of each cam page where it states “We’ve detected higher than normal…”

When you click this it launches directly to the Events page and resets all my filters to show only that cam. It results in the necessity to reset all my event filters over again, which are many, that I rarely modify.

Okay, now you are just showing off :wink:

I never thought about it the way you explained it, To me (pardon my ignorance) it seemed useless, buuut…

Now that would be a really useful feature. Well worth Wyze’s rsources :slight_smile:

Will this disable any other important features?

And, BTW, is there any way to disable “Discover Tips” besides frequency?

Thanks and you freaking ROCK!


I was not aware of that… another Wyze blip :slight_smile:

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Another thing, the reason I posted this is that I did not see any changes on my camera’s behaviour. I was not aware that they’ll show ubnormal usage…


For most of my cams, a single event will produce an abnormal notation. I do not have mine in high traffic areas and only get events for PD when there shouldn’t be any. Mine are stricty security cams with very few events. With the examples @carverofchoice has presented, I can definitely see a value in them. I guess it just doesn’t fit my use case.

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Hey, no worries at all. These kind of questions are VERY useful/helpful. I guarantee that you are not alone in wondering what the point is. Voicing that thought is actually extremely helpful feedback to Wyze so that they can see how they can do a better job making it more obvious the benefits it can have. Obviously that is not clear in the way it currently stands or my post would not have been necessary and would not have made a difference. Seeing your original question, followed by your later response here is actually EXTREMELY valuable feedback. More valuable to them than my explanation post. So I think it’s perfect like that. I would not be surprised if WyzeJasonJ (he reads everything and often passes on feedback to the applicable teams) ends up forwarding on some of this feedback to the one of the teams to show them how what they’re doing has value, but that it can be better presented in a way to help people understand the benefits it has penitential to give them. Right now there are likely a bunch of people who are just confused and not realizing how they can seriously use this thing in awesome ways.

I think this is a great thread and topic, even for any dissent. This is specifically why Wyze allows us to say whatever we want in these forums (as long as it’s not abusive and is within the guidelines…) because negative feedback and discussions like this are great! Don’t ever hesitate to bring up a good discussion like this or worry about changing your mind or whatever. Honestly, a change of mind is way more impressive to me in a person’s character than being stubborn. Anyone can be stubborn, It takes real character to be openminded and respond as you did. :+1:


Correction on my previous post…I THINK Discovery tips are the Tips on the top of the home page for new rules to try,

Honestly, this is all so new I am not 100% certain yet, but it is something we can give more feedback about. I think it would be good for Wyze to be more clear.

I think the Event reports can only be toggled on or off, not have the frequency changed, but now I am thinking it would be cool to have a frequency option…not just checking between each day, but between different periods of time could be cool. Might be hard since cloud events only go back 14 days though.


What ticks me off is the “Discover Tips” popping when I don’t want them, especially after I get notified that someone is in front of my garage, and the Tips are preventing me from viewing who is in front of my garage. That is the reason I want to be able to turn them off.

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Yeah, there has been a lot of feedback about those tips needing an “Off” option. I don’t know why it is forced to be on since it’s not like it brings in revenue or anything. If someone doesn’t want the tips, they should be able to turn them off. I am not sure why there isn’t a way to disable it for those who don’t want them at all, but I will continue to advocate for a way to disable them since there doesn’t seem [to me] to be a reasonable explanation for why it can’t be disabled.

Lazy programmers :rofl:

Wow, great usecases! Also, on my IOS public beta app I’m now able to click the camera name and get to a drop-down of all the cams, instead of those annoying left and right buttons. This was added recently.


YES!!! I just got this when I updated to latest Android App update today! I am excited I can now select a specific camera instead of having to cycle through them all looking for the specific one I want! This is a great upgrade, because I don’t care about it on every camera, but there are some cameras I REALLY want to know when there is a pattern change. I love this update.


At least y’all got it working. The Event Reports icon keeps insisting I need to “upgrade” to Cam Plus, but I already have all my cameras on an annual subscription to Cam Plus.


I just got an email regarding Wyze event insights and upon trying it, of course it doesn’t work. The email stated this was for Cam Plus and Cam Protect customers. All 5 of my cameras have Cam Plus licenses but when I click the Insights button, it just tried to sell me more Cam Plus licenses. It never ceases to amaze me that I’ve yet to have a new Wyze feature work at release. The cameras do what I need so it’s not a big deal but still…


I think it would be nice, if it actually worked. It doesn’t see any of my cameras, which are all on Cam+.

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