Event Recording Settings not being saved

Anyone else experience “Event Recording” settings not being saved? Ill set mine to record “All Motion Events” and i’ll go check later and it’ll be back to “Smart Detection Events”

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There are 2 considerations with this:

  1. Usually when I see this happen it is because settings were not done while actually connected to the camera. Something you can do to ensure the settings save correctly is to wait until the camera is live-streaming first, then tap settings and quickly make your changes while it is connected. Sometimes if you don’t let the live-stream load first, or sometimes if you spend too long in settings, the camera disconnects, and the changes you make don’t save. At least that has been my experience with several models of cameras. It doesn’t always happen, but that is what I have noticed. I have started making it a habit of changing a setting, then going out of settings and going back in to verify they saved correctly. If the settings are correct upon my audit review, then I am done, if not, then I do it again.

  2. Additionally, sometimes if you hurry and go to settings before the live stream loads, the settings will show something different than they really are, so it might look like your previous settings didn’t change, but they really did and you are looking at offline defaults or something. I have seen that happen too. If you then go back and load the live stream to ensure the camera is connected, then go back into settings, it will show the correct configuration.


Mine have all seemed to stay on all motion (PanV1, V3, V3Pro, PanV3, OG-S\T). Ocasionaly I will see a cam revert when it is updated, but it is rare. Flipping it back usually holds the setting.


Oh yes! Excellent point about the settings changing after firmware or app updates sometimes (though rare).


It seems to have happened after software updates now that you mention it. But every update it seems to do this