Cam+ settings not saving in app

Just picked up a cam+ subscription for my cameras (mix of v2/v3). I can’t get the Event Recording → Cam Plus AI Detection settings to save reliably. I managed to get it to stick once or twice for one cam, but for the most part, if I navigate to the AI events to record and change them, the changes don’t stick. I’ve tried logging out and back into the app, closing the app, restarting the phone. I don’t seem to have any problems connecting to the cameras. App is latest for Android 11 I believe (v2.25.22), and cameras all have the latest firmware. Am I missing something?

Are you letting the camera connect to its live stream before going into it’s settings? An issue I’ve seen is if you go into settings before they have a chance to populate correctly will cause incorrect settings to show, and any changes made then not to stick. Let it connect to live stream, then enter the settings. Only thing I can think of now.

Figured it out. The toggle button on the app must be tapped, not slid. If it is tapped, the change will save. If I use a sliding motion to move it to the other position, the change does not save despite the button appearing to toggle settings. Bad UI behavior.

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I was having the same issue. Thanks for figuring that out!

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