V2 settings not saving settings

Going into settings. Setting settings. Exit camera and app. Go back into camera settings and it reverts back to the old settings. Also setting screen toggle buttons not activating as normal. I want it to record activities as events 24 hours. It does not stay set. Frustrating. Other cameras work. Not this one.

I haven’t seen anyone else with this issue.
Here’s some troubleshooting tips:

once you change the settings, stay on that page for a few seconds ( i think 10 to 15 seconds worked for me) to give the settings time to send out. I had this issue quite a while ago and seemed to work for me. best I could figure was that my speeds slowed own and it wasn’t successfully transferring the new changes to the servers to be saved.


With this screen open for minutes, settings just will not stay. All other cameras work perfectly.

Did you try this?

(No pressure if you did!)

Hum …sounds WiFi obstruction/interference related.
I’d try and temporarily move the affected cam close to your WiFi router and see …


Cam is 20 feet from router naturally. Removed and repowered cam early on in the process to no benefit. Left the set up screen open but minimized on my phone for a few hours yesterday. Settings seemed to have taken as of checking this morning. Will monitor to see if, for some strange reason, it reverts back. Thank you all for your help.


Settings stayed. Record all day long. Record all events. Sensitivity on max. Not one recorded event from this cam today. Camera missed this event. Think this cam is going in the can.

Contact the @WyzeTeam and see if you can get a replacement.