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I did a quick search and couldn’t seem to find much on this problem. I just received 2 v2 cameras and one pan cam and got them setup with no problems,but each time I turn them off,they forget the settings that I have applied. As long as the camera remains on,all is fine. It’s frustrating to have to go into the settings of each one and turn on motion detection, motion tagging, continuous record,and night mode settings each time I turn the cameras on. Please tell me that I’m doing something wrong. I really want to like the cameras but if I have to basically redo settings each time, that’s not acceptable.

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Try resetting the camera and restablishing the connection. You will have to add them back to your app. Hold down the setup button for 10+ seconds to reset it. They should keep their settings. I am not sure why this is happening.


This is an odd sounding problem. Those settings are supposed to be saved on the Wyze servers. If you keep having this problem, I’m sure Wyze would love to see a support ticket with logs submitted for it. I would recommend replying to this thread with your support ticket number after you receive the reply.

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, I suggest you file a support request including the log files for more help. You might want to go ahead and submit your ticket now as there is somewhat of a backlog. If you end up getting the issue resolved before support contacts you, then you can always let them know that it’s already resolved.

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I added two shortcuts,one for “away” and one for “home” and then set what settings that I wanted for each. It seems to be working like that. If I turn them off separately from the live feed screen and then turn them back on,they forget the settings that were applied. I’m ok with using the shortcuts option to get them to operate correctly,but it seems odd still. So far I like everything else about them. The picture quality is great and surprisingly there’s not a lot of lag on my slow connection.Thanks for the help!


I agree with what Demonfire and DreadPirateRush said. But I’m happy that you found a workaround that functions for you! Definitely sounds like there’s something funky going on here so if you ever want us to look into it, please first follow the instructions Demonfire gave to see if that helps and then file that support ticket if it doesn’t. :slight_smile:


Hi Mike71. I noticed there is one scenario in which settings may appear to be lost [but are not] with the camera off versus on…

With the camera on and for example Motion Tagging enabled, I can tell that setting is active because the option is green instead of black. If I turn the camera off and check the setting, it appears that this option has been disabled (i.e. the option is black instead of green). When the camera is turned back on, the setting is displayed as active (i.e. it’s green again). I have observed that other enabled settings also appear to be disabled if checked while the camera is off, but those settings show that they are enabled when the camera is turned back on. As such, this scenario represents a “false alarm” of settings being lost - they aren’t. It appears that one cannot tell the true state of a setting while the camera is off.

Perhaps you experienced a real problem with settings being lost rather than the scenario I described. I just wanted everyone to be aware of the case in which settings are not lost but just appear to be if they are checked while the camera is off.

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Hi! I’m having the same issue. I set the motion detection sensitivity to low, then it reverts back to the default setting later during the day. I’ve tried rebooting the camera, but the issue persists.

I’m having the same issue as CodyMac below except with sound detection. Sensitivity keeps resetting to 50%

Sorry to hear this! I’d recommend contacting our support team so we can look into what’s happening here. I’m wondering if your settings aren’t saving properly in the cloud.

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I just installed my V2 cams last week and thought I had this same issue. But after a lot of experimentation I think I found the issue that misleads us to think the setting is lost. When you first click on a camera and it’s authenticating and retrieving data, if you don’t let it finish that process and you hit the gear icon before it’s done, then the app hasn’t downloaded the savings that are on the server. So it displays both the motion in The Sound Sensitivity at 50. But when you first click on the camera, if you wait until the authentication and the data downloading is done and you can see the feed from the camera before you hit the setting button, then you’ll see that your previous settings are shown.