Error message when trying to view SD card playback

I’ve been getting error message everytime i try abd view playback from the se card. It says to check internet connection when all my cameras including the og is on the same network and no problem occurring when im just watching live.

I’m running OG Cams and have not experienced any SD Card Playback load issues. The OG Cams load faster than the majority of my cams.

It leads me to believe that either (a) it is having trouble connecting to the SD Card content due to a poor WiFi connection; or (b) the card itself is not working; or (c) the cam isn’t getting enough power and functions that draw more power, like reading the SD Card, are failing.

I would troubleshoot to isolate:

  • Move the cam closer to the WiFi Router and test to see if the issue changes.
  • Reformat the SD Card
  • Test a known good SD card in the cam
  • Test on another known good power supply.

Are you using the cam with the Stack Kit and Splitter cord? If so, is it using the 1.5A power supply? Is it powered by a long USB extension?

In the Settings → Device Info, when you see the three bars for the WiFi Signal Strength, how many bars are shaded? When you click on the three bars, what number value is shown? This is the RSSI measure of the WiFi Signal Strength.