Error Codes - What do they mean?

So I first contact Wyze Labs about two weeks ago. I was getting all sorts of error codes when trying to connect to my cameras. The errors are sporadic, unpredictable and senseless. I know what some of them mean, but in the matter of 10 minutes, I can get all of the following:

Error Code 60
Error Code 90 (this is typically during boot or when my Wemo Outlets are off by accident)
Error Code 42
Error Code 20011
Error Code 20010
Error Code 20002

New one to ADD

Error Code 41

Another new one last night

Error Code 20027 (so far that is EIGHT different error codes all while attempting to connect)

Now that is a huge variety. Most people would say that there are irreparable flaws in the app or hardware architecture if under equal conditions, all of those errors appear in short time while attempting to complete the same function. Not to mention the “Download Error” and “No More” message when there are plenty of additional clips.

I have requested yet received no acceptable answers to most of my inquiries about meanings of error codes. Wyze tech support knew what 2 or 3 of them meant, but what self-respecting coder can’t figure out what every error in their code means. Are we dealing with incompetence or just laziness.

Another common glitch is when you have more clips that require the stack to add and then add and then add. View one clip and then go back and you have to start from the top again. That is just pure lazy coding. The back should take you to where you left off, not to the top of the stack. I think the tech is great, the concept is commendable, but the execution and professionalism from the Wyze Labs side is amateur at best and if it doesn’t improve, I will just move on, even with the sizeable investment I have made. It’s just not worth it to lose clips, be unable to see what I bought these cameras to see and to deal with errors at every turn.

I just got Error Code 10003. The fact that there are no results when searching this forum for “10003” is a little disconcerting. These aren’t mysterious numbers generated randomly - Wyze put them there! Where is the list??

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While I strongly feel that Wyze needs to publish all they can on error codes, I think you are misrepresenting the actual situation. Wyze does not manufacturer the camera. Wyze purchases the camera from a Chinese manufacturer and flashes their ‘proprietary’ firmware onto the devices. Since I am not with Wyze, I can’t tell you if that firmware is a complete overwrite or simply runs parallel to the device firmware from the manufacturer. That said, if the device manufacturer’s firmware is still present, it is likely the source of many of the error codes reported to the app.

This is not to let Wyze off the hook though. They should know their product inside and out, but they don’t. They should be able to diagnose an error code easily, but they can’t.

Before you go jumping up and down on Wyze though, consider providing more information. What version of the camera do you have V1 or V2? What firmware version are you running? What were the conditions that resulted in the error code? Has is happened repeatedly? Is there a message that accompanies the code? You can likely diagnose some of the issue yourself (not that you should have to).

My new CAM PAN was working great. Now I keep getting “please try to power cycle the camera(error code:-90)” I have unplugged it many time with same results. any ideas? My othe standard Wyze cam’s are functioning well?

I had the same problem with a V2 the other day. Turns out I was using a faulty, third party USB cable to power the device.

I’m using the cable that came with it but will try a different one. Thank you,

I would love to diagnose the issue myself - that’s why I came here and searched for the error code(s). The version/firmware etc. isn’t relative to my complaint that the error codes aren’t listed here. I’ve opened another thread with the details of my issue - Camera Failing To Connect / Can’t Login To App. I might not have had to post that had I been able to find a list of codes (with potential fixes).

As to who actually is responsible for the error codes, the fact is that I didn’t give my money to some nameless “Chinese manufacturer”, I gave it to Wyze. So they get to be responsible for this. To think otherwise would just be silly.


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But that’s not what you said is it, and I quote “These aren’t mysterious numbers generated randomly – Wyze put them there!”. That likely isn’t the case at all. While I am not saying Wyze isn’t responsible for providing quality tech support, it helps to at least couch your complaint in truth rather than disinformation.

I think it is more likely that your complaint is rooted in your frustration in not finding exactly what you were hoping to find. You complained about not finding the expected list before addressing questions about the possible causes.

Of course, I did start this thread because a list did not (and still does not exist), but that was based on V1 errors. Is your camera a V1? The issue was and still is that Wyze pushed a product to market before it was ready. Additionally, they are software developers shoe horning their ideas into hardware that isn’t designed to spec but instead is a generic platform. That approach has inherent problems and to me, Wyze has fallen down repeatedly without addressing the inherent flaws in their approach.

Wyze should be held responsible for the products they put on the market, but those that hold them accountable should do so from a well informed and honest perch, not just complaining that they aren’t getting the answers spoon fed to them.

There’s nothing in your OP regarding “V1” (or “V2”, for that matter). If the codes are specific to the camera/firmware version, then that’s also another important detail that Wyze needs to provide.

You’re making some rather extended assumptions about why I posted. I never said, nor did I imply, that I needed an “exact” answer - when I searched for my specific error code, I got precisely zero results. Being bothered by that is hardly “getting the answers spoon fed”. I expected something - anything - but got nothing.


Look at the date it was posted. There was no V2 when the OP was posted. Hence, no delineation between two versions. There weren’t any yet. I am not saying the codes are camera or firmware specific. The appearance of certain errors may in fact be more prevalent in one version of the hardware or the firmware.

“I might not have had to post that had I been able to find a list of codes (with potential fixes)”. How is that not a request for an exact answer? And yes, type in a code and get a table with codes and fixes would be spoon feeding, especially when compared to posting a question about the error first. That isn’t what you did though. You posted a complaint about not having a crib sheet, and then only LATER did you start a second post looking for the input from others.

I’m sorry that you’re unable to understand the obvious difference between “searching for ‘10003’ and getting zero results” (well, now this is the one result) and being spoon fed. You, of course, are welcome to continue thinking whatever you’d like. I won’t post on your thread anymore.

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I’ve got my two Wyse cameras and I tried to understand them. Easy setup, easy followup on the net, the trouble started when I disconnected them to simulate all kind of accidents. I intend to use these cameras while I’m away on holiday. I found that the cameras can’t re-connect to the network if there is a power interruption or a variation on wifi. Somebody, on this forum, suggested to use a smart plug for these cameras to “power cycle” them. I don’t have yet a smart plug, so I tried to reconnect power manually to the cameras a few times (like the smart plug will do). Unsuccessful trials! At this point, I powered off the router and I powered back again after 30 sec. Miracle! The router reassigned addresses to cameras and the image came back! So it seems that I have to buy the smart plug and power off and back on the router when my cameras get disconnected. Even this may be a solution, I don’t feel comfortable thinking I have to check the cameras every hour during my holiday to see if they are connected or not. Are these cameras sold as real surveillance cameras or as a kind of prank?

Pan cam powered from std cam caused my error parade (42,60,90… hike)

error 42, error 60


looking more like the latter as time progresses.

An updated list has been created:


Agreed, We purchased these cameras from Wyze and it is their app that is giving us the error codes, but when we need to understand what “error code 10003” is and how to resolve it the answer is, “well Wyze doesn’t really manufacture the cameras”,… ??? Seems they are less interested in keeping customers happy than they are in finding another manufacturer to make a robotic vacuum to sell, or a Door Lock (which also doesn’t work) or,…
Come on Wyze, your business model of throwing another poorly made product at the market and create a catchy video won’t last long - but maybe that’s the plan.