Error Codes

Is there a listing available, of some of the more common error codes? My cameras have gone from being really reliable, to cutting in and out and offering different codes, such as 27 & 20010. Also, when I try to go back and check recordings, it’s become a struggle. While I’m typing this two of my cameras have cut out - whoop now a 3rd one went out, but came back up. The other two are trying to re-connect, but are showing a connection failed error. Now they’re all back on. This is with WiFi at near 100%. There goes #2#2 gave me an error code of 20010. Doesn’t look like #2 is going to reconnect on its own - I’ll have to get involved. Which makes these cameras completely unreliable. This type of activity - or inactivity happens whether I’m using the app through my Pixel, or using the app on my Mac through the use of BlueStacks. #2 is now offline - grrreat… This is also happening while I have them setup in a group - if that makes a difference. None of this happened when I first set them up, but they have seemed to have become really unreliable after the last couple of “upgrades”. Thank you.