Error codes -20010 and -27 on camera group

Am running iOS V2.2.40 on my iPad Pro and have a created a group consisting of two V2 cameras. After selecting the group, I often get “Connection failed (error code:-20010)” on one camera and “Connection failed (error code:-27)” on the other. Thoughts?

Have you force restarted the app? That can sometimes help with this sort of issue.

Yup. In fact, I probably swipe the app away and restart far more often than I need to. I’ll keep testing to see if these errors persist.

I noticed that if I swipe down just a little bit from the notification shade it will cause these errors to occur.

@Loki, can you repro?

You are referring to the iOS system notifications pulldown from the top of the screen? I do notice that if I even slightly start the pulldown, it does cause a quick reconnect. But I don’t see these errors on reconnect.

I am having this same problem. Any resolution?


I was, too. Android. Codes not here yet:

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Afraid I can’t help you. I ungrouped my 2 cameras a day after I started getting the error messages. Discovered that for my current purposes, camera grouping (even when working perfectly) wasn’t going to be helpful.

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My cameras do the same thing. 2 out of the 4 keep reconnecting in group mode???

I’ve got a ticket for the same issue being escalated to tier 2 support.

let me know if you get a “fix”… I’ve got the same problem!!! thanks!!!

It’s now been reported to the engineering team.

Best bet is to ungroup for a day then try making another group until the fix comes out.

I’m about 99% sure it’s related to the channels changing on the WiFi. Log in to your router and change it to 1,6, or 11.

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The error clears once i do a pull down. I think this could be easily fixed with an auto refresh built into the app.


Did you ever find a fix for it? I just tried accessing my cameras from work for the first time and am getting the error -20010 on one camera in the group I have set up. It’s intermittent. Sometimes both cameras connect, sometimes neither of them do, sometimes just one of them.

If I ungroup them I am able to connect to both cameras, but only one at a time since they’re not in a group.

I have an Galaxy S10. I’ve restarted the app numerous times, I restarted the phone, I’ve tried when connected through my work’s Wifi and also when connected via my regular cell service, and nothing works. I have to delete the group.

There are a few reasons why I’d like to be able to view both cams at the same time so it would be great if I could get this working.

Anyone have a solution or suggestions?

I have found that if I open all my cameras in a group and then change the resolution to 360 they will usually connect. Once they are connected, you can bump them back up to SD. The only time I have to do this is when I’m away from my local Wi-Fi and I’m using my LTE network.

Hey everybody, There is a feature requested that will auto reset the cams when this happens without user intervention! Head on over to the WISHLIST and pile your beefs onto the current 150 wish requests. Maybe if we get enough requests, support will do something about this ongoing problem!

Our quad cam setup experiences connection failures 20010, 20015, 20016 every 5 min making these devices TOTALLY UNUSABLE! …and tech support has been no help! :frowning: Tried it all, 360, diff’t wifi channels, extenders, etc…

It’s such a shame. Getting ready to return all cams! Evidently WYZE CAMS ARE NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME YET!

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Seriously, no resolution on this case since April 19… very disappointing. can someone from Wyzecam help?


Welcome to the community, @Krishnarao.

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. You can also submit a request from within the Wyze app by going to Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. The latter method will allow you to include an app log for diagnosis.

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I had my cameras in groups - had the same connection errors…took them out of groups and deleted the groups…seems much better.