Constant random, different error codes when viewing camera group

I am seeing error codes, 20, 20010, 27, just to name a few, when viewing my camera group. Sometimes they clear themselves, sometimes they initially connected fine but decide to try to reconnect and the error pops up instead. I have 7 V2 and 1 V3 cam. I am interested in buying more V3s when they become available again, but not sure if I am already overtaxing the system. Do I have too many cams or devices? No other devices on my wifi have issues; just these cams.

My wifi details: I recently upgraded from 250 mb/s to 1000 mb/s and saw no improvement in frequency of error codes. With the new speed came a new router, and wifi signal is even stronger now, but no improvement in frequency of error codes. I can stand outside my home, past my furthest cam from my Wifi router, and still get at least 50 mb/s steady.

Also, I am on Android app version 2.16.23.

The error codes you listed aren’t listed in the table on the support website.
It’s recommended to power cycle the camera(s) with issues if you see the error codes that aren’t listed. Try that.
Error code information located here.
Also, Are your cameras connected to a 2.4 GHz network? If your network is a combined 2.4 and 5 GHz network, try separating the networks in your router settings.

You definitely don’t have too many cameras.

I tried the power cycle and separating networks; still seeing errors. I wonder why these error codes aren’t listed and available.

We use groups as well,we uselly go 6-8 cams per group ,I would try to log out of the app then back in,also re boot your phone. Those seams to be the root cause for most people

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