Repeated Errors on OG, v3 and v2 Cams After Firmware Update

Just installed the required firmware update today on my OG (1.0.59) cams, and in the process updated all my v3 (, and v2 ( cams. Post-update, when I am viewing the cams in the app in group view, I am experiencing a never-ending string of errors on multiple cameras. Sometimes the live view will load on all cameras, sometimes some cameras will throw an error, and then those will come back online and others will throw an error. If the cam is throwing an error in live view, sometimes viewing that live stream by itself will resolve the issue, sometimes not.

The OG cams will error out with error code 21022 and error code 21023. On the v2 and v3 cams, I get error codes 20005, 20008, 13 and -27. And, of course, some “device is offline” messages too. And then the devices will reappear a few minutes later, without any intervention on my part. Once back online, I have rebooted the devices via the settings menu, but errors will still return.

In total, I have 14 cams connected to 4 or 5 different wifi access points (but all using the same internet connection). The internet connection is running fine at about 1 Gbps down and 40 Mbps up. Wyze, what is going on?

And as a side note, please please please please, you should NEVER require me to update firmware before viewing my cam. Prompting me to upgrade is one thing, but requiring me to do so when I may be away from home is ridiculous, given that 25-33% of upgrades end up requiring a physical power cycle IME. Does anyone do QC/QA on these firmware upgrades anymore?

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Now also seeing error code 20005 on the OG cams.

Have you power cycled the OG’s? Physically removing the power cable and plugging them back in?

Did that with one of them, did not resolve the problem. But just to reinforce the point in my OP, ridiculous of Wyze to expect someone to be physically present at each device before performing a required firmware upgrade.

Also getting error code 20004 on one of the OG cams (that has been physically power-cycled).

And now also error code -20011 on a cam OG. So may new and useless error codes; the fun never ends.

Not defending Wyze, but this is why most of us on this forum opt for smart plugs connected cameras. It makes life much easier not having to drive and unplug and plug back cameras.

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Agreed. Shouldn’t be necessary, but apparently it is. The good news is that I actually have two of my cams plugged into smartplugs. But the bad news: they are Wyze smartplugs. I know - not so smart. Today, both plugs required firmware upgrades, and both failed, leaving me unable to cycle them. Magically, both came back online after a couple of hours and the firmware update succeeded, so now I can cycle them again. But of course, that doesn’t solve my issue in this particular situation.

Sorry to hear about it. I don’t have to tell you that having both plugs and cameras in the same echosystem is a bad idea, you learned that the hard way. When you have a chance, change those plugs to non Wyze, it will make your life easier.

Can I ask you to provide the following so I can provide to Wyze so they can look into this:

  • OG Device Log
  • OG Firmware version
  • App Version you are using

As soon as I get this, I will provide it for review