Connection Failed error 27 on ipad

I am able to view my cameras in real time on my iphone over a cellular network…but my Ipad in which I have the Wyze app installed as well, I’m trying to view my cameras over a WiFi network, and I keep getting a "connection failed (error code -27) on all cameras! The last image it’s showing is from back in December! Probably the last time I used the app on the ipad to view the cameras. Why would I be able to connect on a crappy cellular connection on my iphone, but not through my wifi connection at work on the ipad? I even tried force closing the Wyze app and restarting it and it didn’t help. Thanks.

Disregard…I did a hard reboot of the ipad itself, and now the cameras are connecting on the app.

…and now another weird issue. So on the Wyze app on the ipad, I can view all three cameras in real time in the group view…however when I go to click on an individual camera…it won’t connect and give me the time out -27 error. This makes no sense. Why would I be able to view the cameras as a group, but not when I try to watch a single one?

flash to older firmware did the trick for me