Can’t connect to cameras 90% of the time.

I’m unable to connect to my cameras almost every time I try. I’m on an iOS device in the same room as one of the cameras and router so signal should not be a problem. I’m using a (usually) great ASUS AC router.

Are there any WiFi or LAN settings I should be using to make these more reliable? All 3 cameras show connected on my list of connected devices, yet I can’t access them.

More info, I get error code 27 in the app.

Error code 27 is not on the list of error codes in the support section. I’d suggest filing a support ticket from within the app so Wyze can look at the logs.

Did you ever get any feedback from Wyze? I am also receiving error code 27 and tried calling support and no one answers. Nothing is blocked on firewall and need help.

Asus has a “airtime fairness” feature that causes connection issue. Have you tried turn it off ?

see details from this post - Wyze Cams and Asus Routers - connectivity issues resolved

Turning off airtime fairness on my Asus router did the trick for me.