Error Code -67

Iphon and Ipad both are having error -67 issues for about 2 weeks now, tried restart of camera’s restart of router, and app, still have the same issue. yet I connect to live view and every camera works fine.

Ready to toss them all cameras cam2 , cam3 outdoor cams, and pan2


Welcome to the community @pmenard , sorry to hear you are having issues.

Here is a link which discuss what others have done to get it working.

However, the one in particular was @Antonius indicating a Factory reset seemed to have worked. See Below, it is also in the same thread above

Are you restarting the cameras by pulling the power cord (as opposed to restarting within the App)? Also, I would clear the App Cache and reboot both IOS devices. I would try this first then move to a factory reset if needed.

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Yes the factory reset solved my issue and the Pro is still going strong. The reason it took me three tries to get it to connect after the reset was because my phone was on the 5.0 Ghz network, I slapped myself in the head and put the phone on the 2.4 network, instant connection. :grin: :rofl:


Do we know why we have to factory reset the cam because of the update? This is such a pain. I bought my v3 pro and I had many issues (detection zone not working, cam pro is only tagging videos as “motion” etc). How come you guys don’t test these things before releasing into the public??
I am disappointed


Same I have my camera for three weeks and it was showing different codes , need to reset it twice a day to make it work for a few hours. Waiting for a new camera, if I will have the same problem, I will done with Wyze

I am in the same boat. I am away and I have to have someone go and restart my cameras. They work for about a day.
Whomever you hired to write code and updates since october needs to be fired. There has been continual glitches in the system. They are a “make work” and not a solution or proactive individual. They are putting out updates that are garbage. Error 67 is now the third error i am getting repeatedly.

I have had cameras since 2018 and had no real issues. They were issue free and convenient. I have updated my pans and they provide great images but are useless if they keep turning off and not being able to handle the updates. Might as well have a brick monitoring my place.

Now I get to spend my time and someone else’s time in directing someone on how to do a hard reset, in hopes that it works.
I then get to experience a free trial up sell for the next 2 weeks – why would I want buy a higher service when the service I have isnt working ?

I am going to look into my crystal ball and make the prediction that in the future that an “upgrade” in my service will miraculously solve the problem.

I have recommended these cameras numerous times but now they have become unreliable and are not providing the peace of mind.

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