I'm about to have a burden lifted

I made the decision today to grab the 6 cameras that right this second that I’m typing this are all down with a “Your device has lost its connection. Please check your internet connection or try moving the device closer to your Wi-Fi router” message. (by the way, 4 of the cameras are a few feet away from the router, which works wonderfully with everything else in my house). I’ve decided to get an all-new camera system from a different company, and I’m asking for your advice if you have one you’d recommend. I’ve spent too much of my precious time speaking to the customer service people in the Philippines who tell me “I’m sorry you sad” when I’m telling them that I’m not sad, I’m frustrated. This is time in my life I will never get back. I never thought these cameras would be such a fail. Just so you know, I unplugged everything (wifi, router, computer, cameras) and restarted, in hopes that they would get back to working. Still nothing. Any recommendations?

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Sorry for your bad experience. I can not comment on the battery-operated cams, but have been happy enough with V2 and V3 wired.
In some other applications, I have been very happy with Reolink cams, especially the newer models whose model number ends with “A” as those have very good car/human/pet detection. In particular I really like RLC-842A which has adjustable zoom (I use constantly in full telephoto mode, looking down the street).

I would try manually flashing cameras back to an older firmware version. I know Wyze has been tweaking connectivity in recent camera firmware. I would try older firmware before you give up on Wyze.

I am happy with my v3 cameras, but only update firmware after reading positive comments on this forum.

I’ve had similar issues with my Wyze cameras and someone suggested make a rule so they reboot at least once a week. So far that has made things better, but still sucks that this even has to be done considering I have a really good router and my home WiFi is solid.

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There’s far too many cams out there that I wouldn’t recommend anything to anyone probably.

Each person has their own feelings on what they want and expect and they all have big differences such as the apps to use them with and much more.

I thought I was the only one! I have two Wyze cameras and they were fine for a while but now (of course after I just got a new cat that I’d like to check on while I’m out or at work), they both are giving me that same message. Nothing works, no matter what I do. Unplugged them and plugged them back in. Tried to set them back up. Reset my router. I had the same problem about a year or so. Was on the phone with a woman from the Philippines for 2 hours who suggested dozens of fixes and none of them worked. I was getting extremely frustrated and demanded that she send me 2 new devices. She said the warranty no longer covers them and that she can’t. I was like, the warranty is a moot point. This is unacceptable!!! Wyze doesn’t stand behind their products. Never buying another Wyze product again and I’m letting all my friends and family know not to waste their time. There are so many camera systems out there that actually WORK.