Error code 27 daily

I have two v3 pro’s and one v3. They have worked fine for a while after getting new router due to constant disconnects. Now after months of working ok, they are all disconnecting at the same time again. I’m forced to reboot my router for the cameras to connect. Nothing else on the network has any issues but these cameras. Can someone please explain what are the minimum requirements for these cameras like router, upload/ download speeds, what do these cameras need to work properly until they fail internally?

Good 2.4 Network is required for the V3 and the V3 Pro. Have you checked the signal strength on the app for each camera? Open setting, scroll down to Device info. Mine seem to change during different times of the day from three bars to two bars then back to three.

I appreciate your reply. My v3 pros are in the same room as the router and my v3 is in the next room. Distance and signal strength is not an issue for me. I’m looking for more information because as I stated the cameras worked good for months then all of a sudden they start getting error codes all at the same time once a day. Error code 27 then I have to reboot my router and unplug my cameras and plug them back in for them to work another day before the same thing happens the next day.

Are the cameras in a group?

I can’t remember the error codes on the streaming but this looks like what I troubleshooted myself last year.

Wyze cams are garbage at keeping the streaming up using the default ways. They can stay up for months and then go to being unable to stay up 10 minutes, an hour, or a day.

I heavily suggest finding a different streaming app that can retry the stream continuously without ever giving up.

Personally, I want 100% free and enabled the Alexa plugin. Then set Alexa routines to keep trying every 2 hours. You’d need an Alexa capable device for this however. I’ve not unplugged the Wyze cam at all for a year and a half now or whatever.

RTSP firmware was the closest I got to that for a while but they no longer maintain that and that and VLC wouldn’t keep trying anyway.

Some people do other things with other cam streaming software but that’s not the way I went.

If you have any other network or internet issues or maybe physical cam issues then you’d still have issues after that.