Error 90 simple solution found

I know a lot of users out there have Error 90 issues. I may have found a solution, at least it’s working for me. I have 3 cameras and a Doorbell cam. One of my cameras is in our condo 700 miles away. We often get error 90 messages when camera stops working and we can’t reset it. Our solution is that we put simple light timers on our router and the camera to turn on and off everyday at a prescribed time of your choice and that resets the camera and router and everything is working again. The most that the camera is off line is about 30 minutes. Before the timers we could never reset the camera unless we drove the 700 miles to our condo to do it manually. The timers have been working great for about a year now. Hope this helps anyone with their errors.


Even better solution is a smart plug. You can turn them on/off remotely or set a schedule.


That would be true if your internet is always working. Our issue is the internet goes down unexpectedly from time to time for any number of reasons, power failures, construction line cutting, or anything, and that causes the Error 90. That is the reason for the timer on the router too.


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I have my router reboot regularly as well. It is an internal native routine.

Still, the smart plug (at least the good ones) store their schedule in the device and will reboot your router even if there is no internet.


Six of one, half dozen of the other. So long as it reboots on schedule the result is the same. Depends on personal preference, equipment available, and hardware capability.

True, but smart plug has an advantage of remote control.

If the internet is up, so does the router. If the internet is down, both are inaccessible.

I have Wyze cameras deployed at four residences.

At my three non-primary residences, I have my cable modems and wifi routers plugged into a digital timer that turns the power off at 3 am and back on at 3:05 am. I also have all my Wyze cameras at those locations plugged into smart plugs so they can remotely reboot each camera if needed.

It works like a charm, and no more trips to reset things if a quick power flicker affects the cable modems or routers. The cameras are still operating and recording, but my connectivity to them is interrupted.

Of course, before doing this, my property in Florida was the problem child. The driveable ones in Pennsylvania and New Jersey never had this issue but now have the same setup.

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That is true, but if you create a schedule to turn the plug off at certain time and back on after a minute or two, it will run the schedule even there is no internet. That way, the router reboots and establishes internet connection.

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Yes. Just like the internal router schedule or the electronic timer plug will do, all accomplishing a power cycle on the router at a specified time. The only drawback to the electronic timer plug is that it is not IoT accessible like the plug and the router.

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That was my point all along :slight_smile:

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Pardon my ignorance, isn’t internal router schedule equivalent to soft reboot?

Taken care of. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Tony! :pray::heart:

I think it would depend on the age and brand of the router. Some of the older ones just do a network reset. The newer TOTL ones do a full reboot from the startup sequence.


My issue at my place in Florida was with the cable modem, not the router, but I power cycle both daily with this electronic timer from Harbor Freight which has an internal battery and does not get off schedule like a mechanical timer would during a power outage.


Quite effective! :+1: Thx for the link! I am in favor of whatever works to accomplish the mission.

I have my Fiber Gateway, Router, and Sense Hub (and my TV if I get really bored) all plugged into a UPS. Even if the power does go out, I still have internet and Wifi and can even get to them remotely if needed.

Just make sure they are not Wyze smart plugs. LOL