Resolving error 90 with smart plug

I have a Wyze Cam v2 (no SD card) in a unit that I don’t access very often. It worked without issue for a few months, but now I get error 90. The issue is that the internet provider goes out for a few minutes once or twice per day. When I’m there I power cycle the unit, but when the internet goes out again, it doesn’t automatically find the WiFi again. I can’t change internet providers and changing hardware isn’t going to change the issue, the provider is known for this. I’m not really happy that I might have to add a smartplug and basically double the cost of each camera I have or may add later. But my question is, do the Wyze smart plugs automatically find the WiFi again when it goes out and returns? If not, then there’s no point in buying from Wyze.

They are supposed to, as are the cameras. I power cycle my router on occasion for various reasons, and never have to power cycle the cameras or the plugs or the bulbs to get them back online. As a matter of fact I don’t have to power cycle anything on my network under that condition.

Now we’ve heard some people have issues, but I’ve never seen it traced to a root cause. Maybe a better way to approach this is to tell us what mfgr and model of router you have, and then people with that router who are successful or unsuccessful at recovering from an Internet outage can tell us what their experience has been. Maybe we can find some commonality there. I am successful with a Netgear R6400v2.

Note I haven’t lost Internet from my provider in so long I can’t remember when that happened last, so I can’t say how my cable modem might handle that, but I believe it recovers. When I power-cycle, I power-cycle both my router and modem together, as they are connected to the same UPS. I don’t power cycle to fix a problem, I power cycle to change the configuration on occasion.

Now, that’s not to say a Plug from some manufacturer wouldn’t be recommended. I have Plugs on several of my more critical cams so I can power-cycle them when on travel. Just a good idea, IMO. There are lots of reasons something might glitch, and the cameras are cheap enough where you can still get a camera & plug for less than most cameras alone. Personally, I’d recommend against WeMo. I’ve had nothing but problems both in setup & range with those.

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Hello, thanks for responding. I had access to the unit today. I power cycled the camera twice. It did not turn on the first time I tried. It worked for 11 minutes, and then while I was sitting there I saw a light blink a few times on the router (it’s an Arris TG1672G from the provider) and I heard the camera click. My laptop reacquired a connection within a minute. The camera remained offline, I tried to restart it from the app twice. I eventually power cycled it again. I’ve updated the firmware on the router and changed the channel (and confirmed it’s connected at 2.4 GHz). It worked for about 10 minutes, and then I decided to turn the modem off to see if it reacquired. My laptop connected fine after a few minutes, but the Wyze cam gave error 42 on the first attempt and got stuck on step 1 on the second attempt. I power cycled it again, but didn’t change anything else. We’ll see how long it stays up tonight and tomorrow, but I didn’t have any more time to spend, unfortunately. I’d like to use a Wyze smart plus, because I want to manage everything with one app. But given the issues with the camera, I’m hesitant to purchase another Wyze product.