Enhanced Shipping Notifications / Alternative Shipping Options


I just wanted to share a frustration and potential solution to a shipping issue I’m currently experiencing after purchasing directly from your online store. For context, I bought directly from you so that you’d get more of the payment than if I had purchased from Amazon.

The UPS shipping timeline/product is terrible. As of this moment it indicates my package is expected to arrive four days ago. Go time travel!

To get an accurate delivery date, I had to look up the delivery date on the USPS site. But that only provided a date as of yesterday, three days after UPS claimed my package should have arrived. USPS claims my package will arrive tomorrow, nine business days since my order was placed, so outside the promised delivery window.

First world problems, Am I Right? I know two days outside of a time window doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but you’re vying with store competition that offers next day shipping for a total cost not much more than what you charge through your store.

Given the new reality of consumer expectations, I’d advocate that you try to actively acknowledge and alert customers when a delivery window will be missed. It doesn’t have to be a personalized email, but doing so proactively shows that you’re both aware and care about the customer. Which potentially reduces the feelings of frustration on the customer side. When I contacted your support email three days ago, because it seemed then that maybe the package was just lost somewhere in Washington state (again terrible UPS site), your customer service response was “let us know if your package doesn’t arrive” (at all). That did not inspire confidence or a feeling that Wyze cared about me, or my issue. It’s the small things!

Unfortunately, next time I’ll likely buy from Amazon even though I otherwise prefer that you get more of the payment. I hope you can improve your shipping operations/partnership so that you don’t lose direct business from someone else :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback! I don’t know if this is something that we’ll be able to do at this point but it is a great suggestion and I’ll bring it up with the shipping team in case this is something that could potentially happen in the future. I’m also going to speak with the Wizards about how they address these issues. May I please have your support ticket number?

Of course, appreciate the follow up! Wyze Ticket 225976.

Once received the cameras were very easy to setup and use!

The tracking that the post office provides is terrible. I have often received packages and opened them myself before I ever get a notice that they were delivered.

The tracking will show a package “stuck” in a city for days and then upon delivery, all the checkpoints suddenly show up.

They can do better.

Please offer better shipping. UPSMI is all the cost of UPS with the incompetence of the USPS. For a similar cost, you can deliver via UPS Ground. If you insist on using a USPS final delivery, please just include free Priority Mail delivery. I will probably buy from Amazon next time just to get reliable and timely delivery.

I hope you’re going to have an option of USPS because if you use any of the other carriers like UPS or DHL coming across the border will come with A large amount for brokerage fees which then doesn’t make it feasible for us to order .
Please please please have a USPS option .

I’m sorry, I don’t know what it will look like yet. But I hope we’ll have USPS for you! :slight_smile:

I love Wyze products, but the time it takes to ship products is ridiculous. Either find another shipping process…or allow customers to pick who they ship with. It shouldn’t take 2.5 weeks to get something shipped out.

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I’ve searched for this topic and came up short… If I missed a thread where this is already discussed, please point me in that direction and accept my apologies for a redundant post.

Is it possible to have a choice for the shipper? When I searched thru the forum, I see people have issues with at least one shipping company, or they might state they have better luck with one over another. I know that is my case as FedEx has been horrible for me. They reroute my packages all over the area for days before actually delivering it. I recently ordered the lock, literally 4 minutes after it became available, and the original delivery dates showed Friday. Now it shows Tuesday. And this is not an issue of Wyze stating it was shipped before it was actually shipped… the tracking confirms it was picked up the same day it was ordered.

Anyways, the point is that they have had it within 30 miles of me for two days, and will have it within 30 miles of me for 2 more days before it’s actually delivered. I never choose to use FedEx for my personal shipping and I’d like to be able to choose, even at a premium, who the shipper is for my purchases. Is this not possible, not feasible, or just not implemented?

TL;Dr - choice is good, even if it comes at a cost.


I wish all companies allowed this. But they negotiate the best price they can get and it’s much easier to use one shipping company. I know Amazon uses multiple but they are huge with distribution centers all over.

I worked for a company that shipped 10s of thousands of packages a year. Having choices of shippers would’ve been a logistical nightmare.

That being said. From a customer standpoint I like your idea. My USPS guy is great. But the USPS overall service is horrible. I’d prefer UPS and fedex 2nd. You’ve got my vote.

An update on my shipping: it’s been within 30 miles of me since Thursday. Have I received it yet? No. Maybe today. It took 2 days to get to 1200 miles to Colorado, and 6 days to move 30 miles.

What I am asking for is choice in shipping. Even at a premium. I sell stuff on eBay and I get to choose who I ship with, and I can even give my customers shipping choices.

I don’t agree with my post being moved here by @DreadPirateRush as my wish/request is not the same as what is discussed by the OP (also the UnNecEssArY CaPs attitude in the move statement was uncalled for), but since it’s here… I’ll make the best of it.

The wish/request is a choice in shipping providers. Everyone has different experiences with each carrier locally… Since no one solution is the “perfect” solution, the next best thing is to allow all carriers at the customers request to meet their individual needs.

Short of that, I would have to agree with the OP that ordering from Amazon would be the better choice, at least for me, as they don’t use FedEx anymore, and they are the problem carrier for me.

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Amazon still uses FedEx. But they use FedEx home delivery where they transfer it to the post office when they get it there locally. Not on all shipments but on some. I experienced this because FedEx got it to my post office after my driver had already left so I wasn’t able to get my package until the next day.

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Interesting… I’ve not had that experience yet. Haven’t had a FedEx or FedEx+USPS delivery from Amazon in over 2 years.

And you’ve added more evidence to my case: everywhere is different! One cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. I’m sure some people have great luck with FedEx and other have horrible with USPS. And the only way to mitigate that, is to offer choice.

Yep you are correct. I’ve had really good luck with FedEx and UPS and not the greatest luck at all with USPS. But like you said we all have different experiences so open up the choices

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Local service can make a huge difference.

My family had a business and used to have horrible results with a particular carrier. Things would arrive broken. They would always tell the distributors not to use that carrier. The distributors would use them anyway because they were the cheapest.

Eventually we had to put on each purchase order “Any shipments arriving by [redacted carrier] will be refused at the dock.”

If Wyze insist on having FedEx SmartPost for free shipping.
I wish that they would consider adding 1 or 2 more options for faster pay shipping.

I would have gladly pay for if I’ve known it would have taken this long to get my order in for the disposable and KN95 masks.

Being that this items are so much in demand at this present moment and sad to say even longer into our future.

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Can we make a request/wish to be allowed to use literally any other shipping carrier on the planet than Fedex Ground?

They are my nemesis on this planet. I do not have more dislike for any other singular entity in past or present existance. No joke.

Fedex Ground is a joke of a company in my neck of the woods (central mass). In my 15 years of living here they have never, not once, delivered a package when they said they would. Routinely just giving the reason “package was not important enough”. I have logged so many complaints with that company I have them on speed dial.

For those that don’t know Fedex and Fedex Ground are basically 2 different companies. Ground are different employees with a different system and it is an absolute nightmare.

This might sound dramatic, but it is no joke. I actively avoid ordering from places that only use Fedex, it simply is not worth the hassle any more. My heart sinks when I see an EA order that gets fufilled with Fedex SmartPost. It guarantees at the minimum another week to my delivery time, and a 50% chance that they simply just won’t ever deliver it.

Please please please, I will gladly pay more for literally any other shipping carrier.

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USPS did not correctly notify me of Watch 47 shipment; said in Hub, but was not. Turned out left at the front door of someone else. Fortunately the shipment was brought into the leasing office. How do Wyze customers feel about paying for FX ground or UPS ground rather than USPS for shipping our orders?

Please for the love of all things holy stop using Fedex to deliver your products. My wyze scale was supposed to be here two days ago and now fedex doesn’t even show a delivery date. They do this all the time and almost every time they deliver yto my neighbors house. They are the worst delivery service of them all.


Eliminate excessive shipping fees

I am a big time Wyze fan and have bought most of the products…and multiples of various generations of video cameras. One thing that REALLY BUGS ME is the excessive shipping charges. I saw the $19,95 price for the solar panel for my Outdoor Cam…only to see a 9 dollar shipping charge. Wyze folks…be wise as you must do on Amazon…and just roll the shipping cost into the price. I use UPS and FedEx pretty often and I know it does not cost 9 bucks to ship that item. I would much rather see a 4 dollar price increase and the words “free shipping”.