Enhanced Shipping Notifications / Alternative Shipping Options

As I recall, they did this for a while earlier this year, but there were complaints from people that order multiple items.

Let Me Choose the Shipping Courier

Please let us choose a different shipping courier than FedEx. FedEx has habitually lost/stolen my packages. This is now the 3rd order from Wyze that has shipped via FedEx that has reached the dreaded “pending” status… I will have to call support again to have them send me a replacement again… only for it to be potentially lost because they are just going to ship the replacement out via FedEx. This is not a porch pirate situation as the product never reaches my home. It is lost/stolen at that actual FedEx facility as it never is even placed on a delivery truck.

PLEASE let us choose the shipper. Ill pay extra just to get my package,


Fedex sucks!! My Wyze vaccum was late for days and i finally get a notification saying it was delivered. Only problem is it was not delivered!!


Wish you improve shipping ordered Dec18 with wrong address told not able to correct its Dec 28 and usps is still waiting to take possession of package your shipping sucks big time!!

100% let me choose my shipping courier. FedEx said it would be here tomorrow, over 8 days ago. I will pay more to let me pick my courier! It’s been almost a month since it was shipped…


Yes, please let us pick different carriers. Every time anyone sends a package to me through FedEx it sits in a distro center 15 mins from my house for 3-4 days before they put it on a truck for delivery. EVERY. TIME.

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Shipping alternatives please

My experiences with FedEx have nearly all been terrible, either from damaging the shipment or sending it all around the United States while promising each day that it will be delivered the next day.
What would be wonderful would be having the ability to:
(a) choose UPS or USPS, plus
(b) being able to upgrade to a faster shipping method.
If I were to choose just one of the two, it would be to select the carrier, UPS has proven that they know where Idaho is located, and never feel the need to ship through Los Angeles. New York or Florida when the point of origin is on the same latitude as us.

Maybe the horrible FedEx shipping experience would be easier to swallow if they didn’t continuously insult us by telling us that it would be delivered the next day over and over and over again for the weeks that they have our packages on tour to far away places around the United States.

Fedex is horrible. UPS is very reliable. USPS is inconsistent.

I ordered my Outdoor Cam on 20-MAY and Fedex estimated a 25-MAY delivery. On 24-MAY they still estimated a 25-MAY delivery even though the shipment had only moved from one California location to another California location, and I live on the East Coast.

I called Fedex and asked why and the agent said “We build a 3 day buffer into the estimate, so you should have the shipment soon.” REALLY?.. I don’t think so.

I would pay one or two dollars more for better shipping. I don’t have issues with UPS. UPS almost always makes their promise dates.

I just placed an order, I wish there was an option to get the order next or second day or anything better than 5-7 days. Your customer service said it takes 3 days just to ship it and nothing can be done to expedite it. If there is anything that can be done to speed it up it would be very helpful.

Shipping cost and shipping method

As of date (Feb 2024), Wyze shipping cost is $6. The carrier is US postal service and it takes about FIVE businesses days for “estimated delivery”, even within the same US state. Wouldn’t it be nice if there’s a free shipping option or/and a better courier?