Email About Missing Resistor In Some Wyze Cams

Here is a copy of an email that was sent to people who activated cameras within a window that indicates they may be affected by a manufacturing error resulting in microSD cards not being recognized:

Dear Wyze User,

We are reaching out because we’ve recently discovered an error affecting a small percent of Wyze Cam v2’s and we want to correct our mistake.

Some units produced between April 17 and April 24, 2019 were manufactured on a new production line and were produced without a small resistor (R65).
This tiny component (R65) is necessary for the camera to recognize MicroSD cards, and if missing, will prevent the camera from recognizing MicroSD cards. It is possible that one or more of your cameras may have this issue.

If you have an affected camera, we will replace it free of charge and you can keep your current camera (no need to send it back!).

To check if your camera is affected, click the button below.

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To learn more about this discovery, continue reading on.

Background of this discovery

In late June 2019, a user on our forums (thank you!) discovered a difference between a Wyze Cam v2 camera they purchased that wouldn’t detect MicroSD cards and a replacement we sent that did. Around the same time, our manufacturer discovered the same issue and with this information we were able to identify that this mistake came from one specific production line (a new one being set up) in one factory.

With more research we found the exact days this line produced Wyze Cams with this issue. Once we were able to confirm the issue and knew which cameras may be affected we decided to reach out to users that set up cameras around this time and offer a free replacement for affected cameras. We’ve also used this experience to identify improvements to our QA process to prevent mistakes like this happening again. We are working hard to offer products to users at an incredible value, and we apologize if your camera was impacted by this error.

Below shows the chip from a camera with the missing R65 resistor (circled in yellow).

– Wyze Quality Assurance (QA) Team
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I will receive my v2 camera today. I have been scanning the community postings (to gain knowledge) and must say that when I came across this post about the Micro SD cards not formatting, I was most impressed with the response from WYZE explaining the discovery and resolution to the error in the v2 camera. Top notch customer support.


Thank you! We appreciate your feedback and I’ll share it with the team. :slight_smile:

Hi there –
I contacted support because I have 3 cameras that I hadn’t activated but were all in the same lot… and the 5 had the defect and you contacted me about those which I appreciate and are replacing. However support is acting like the other 3 won’t be covered even though they clearly have the defect. The mac address matches to 10 digits (out of 12 possible) of another that IS covered. They are sequentially all in the same lot as I understand how mac addresses work. Will Wyze cover unactivated cameras that are in the same batch?

If you find that you have the same trouble with those, we will cover it. Though I know that our MACs are done in batches so your others may not actually be affected. Would you like to give me your support ticket number so I can look into this?


I’ve tested the other three and they in fact have the same problem.

Thanks! I sent you a reply email. :slight_smile:

I received my replacement camera. What do I do with the old one? Am I allowed to still use it?

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It’s your camera you can use it without the card


Thanks for fielding that, HDRock! :slight_smile:

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What is the value for that R65? I can replace it myself.

I have 5 cameras and none of them detects the Micro SD. I submitted the MACs to verify for replacements but the MACs appear to be non-eligible.

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If the MACs are not eligible, then those cameras should have the resistor. If you find they don’t, then Wyze would definitely want to know about it so they can expand the range of affected MACs.

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Sorry to hear about this! We would appreciate it if you reached out to our support team so we can help troubleshoot. If we can’t get them working right, we would like to send you replacements.

Submit a request – Wyze

Thanks for the quick response.

My Wyze Ticket number is 305830. Nothing happens so far.

Thank you for the ticket number! I just looked in on your ticket and it looks like you received a response from an agent on Friday. Do you have an email from us in your inbox?

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I followed all the different methods that they advised. The cameras are still not detecting the Micro SD card.

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I took another peek at your ticket and it looks like your replacement has been offered. Once you give the requested information to your agent you will be ready to go. :slight_smile:

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I checked my cameras and 2 of them were affected, so i filled out form and submitted it. Is there a way to check the status of the replacements? I didn’t receive any kind of confirmation email.

That’s great! However, I have not seen any latest email from Wyze about this.