Email About Missing Resistor In Some Wyze Cams

What is the timeframe for a replacement? I got a message entering my MAC address that a replacement will be shipped. I haven’t received any other notification.

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Check your account. Mine shows shipped USPS on the 20th, delivered yesterday.

Nothing in my account. Do you recall which section of the account? Does it take some time to show up there? I submitted my device a couple of days ago.

Under orders
more info about mine here:

These replacements were done a bit differently than regular orders. If you would like, you can contact the support team to look into yours but we didn’t send out emails because they didn’t go through our regular system.

Submit a request – Wyze (1)


Thanks for the great support, team!

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I checked my MAC address and says mine is not one of the effected ones, however I’ve never been able to get the camera to see an SD card. I’ve tried 3 different cards before finally seeing this. Is there an easy way to take the camera apart and check personally to see if mine is missing the resistor? I figured it was simply user error (my fault), and it still could be, I just want to make sure that it isn’t the camera. My camera is in a tough place to get to and a real PIA to get down, so I’d love to know for sure. I sent an email to support and opened a ticket, however so far all they said is to check the MAC address through the link your first post. Just replied back to them a few minutes ago.

If you can get to it to take it apart why not get to it to take it down?
It needs to be checked against a properly formatted and inserted 32GB or less, preferably Wyze, card. Even better is a card that meets the parameters and that has been working in another camera.
Also when and where was it bought?

I’m curious if any customer has tried to solder a replacement for the missing resistor.

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If you search you’ll find an early report.

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@gkrynick22, I’d recommend against taking apart the camera as that will void the warranty. gemniii’s advice about testing with another microSD card is where I’d go with it next. :slight_smile:

Hi all. Just to let you know my replacement arrived Monday, one week after submitting the MAC address. Wyze didn’t send any emails or messages in my account in case you were wondering.

Two of my cameras are eligible for the replacement program, I’m from Mexico. When will I receive my replacements? If I already made my request

We generally can’t ship to Mexico so I don’t know if we’ll be able to ship to you, Kpow. I’m sorry. You should contact our support team to see if they have a workaround.

Support Request Form

How many ohms is R65 when it is in place?

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Where should a person search for the value of R65? I can’t seem to find it.

It’s on here somewhere.

Is this it?

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Don’t know, when I saw the original thread about DIY replacing the resistor I thought “Interesting” but I don’t care to do it for a $23 camera.
Besides Wyze is very good about replacements.

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How did you determine it was 5K?