Email regarding resistor issues

Hi fellow Wyze Guys, I recently read on FB that someone received an email from Wyze regarding a small portion of cameras produced between April 17 and April 24, 2019 that were manufactured on a new production line and were produced without a small resistor (R65). My question is, how do I know if my units were affected, as I purchased my cameras from Home Depot and have not registered anywhere except with the forum? I have had a couple of cameras not recognize SD cards, so I’m wondering if they fit in that small window. Thank you!

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use this link to check with the mac address of each Wyze V2 production line that may affect. I got one replacement.

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My question is - why was that NOT announced HERE.
/edit - and I meant why was the recall not announced here - specifically in News From Wyze.
or is that becoming only “good news” from Wyze?

It would be very helpful if there were a Recall/Defective product section added to the drop down under the Community link at the top of the forum.

There is a thread with helpful information regarding this issue. Missing Resistors

Also, you can read about this in the support section under Service Status & Known Issues

Known Issues 2019

That is so far buried I doubt a new user would find it. :frowning:

Exactly what I was thinking.