Email regarding Resister component issue?

Good evening everyone!
I received an email regarding my Wyze cam having a Resister component issue, related to the camera not recognizing the micro SD card. I have been having this issue, so I got excited and clicked the link and put my info in, and (of course as an after thought) then panicked that I may have fallen for a phishing scam.
Does anyone know if the email is legit or not? It says that they will send a replacement camera out. It looks like a Wyze email. I hope I didn’t just compromise my security.:woman_facepalming:t2:
Thanks in advance for your help! Have a great night!

Thank you. I have it…just want to make sure it is actually from Wyze and not a phishing scam. Are you able to confirm this by any chance?

It’s legit. There are more posts about it - Click on the link below.