Hokay, where did i go wrong?

I was trying to set up the SD card for local recording and when I inserted it it wouldn’t do the dinging sound which meant it was successfully installed (yes I unplugged it first). So after screwing around unsuccessfully with that for a while I then pushed the little keyhole looking button on the bottom to see what would happen. Now it’s just saying “ready to connect” over and over like it did before when I was setting up. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Sounds like you didn’t set this camera up, otherwise you’d recognize that “Ready to connect” prompt.

You might try power cycling (unplug the camera, wait a few seconds then plug back in), to see if it still works. If not, ask the person who set t up to repeat the process, or do it yourself. Search for the instructions here.

As for the SD card, it only goes in one way. If it doesn’t, flip it over and try again.

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*ounds like you didn’t set this camera up, otherwise you’d recognize that “Ready to connect” prompt.

I did and I did. Sorry I wasn’t more clear about that.

Anyway, I just started from scratch, did a complete reinstall, and it’s the same thing.

Go into the WYZE app and see it says there is an SD card installed. If not, try another brand.

Make sure it’s 32gb. While a few here are able to use higher-capacity SD cards, that’s the official supported size.

Also I had a 32gb card go bad on me while installed in a WYZE cam. Format it FAT or ex-FAT on a PC.

By pushing that button what you did was , you did a factory reset on the camera, so, now you need to set that camera up as new after that you can deal with the SD card.

I never turn the cameras off when putting in an SD card, make sure you are putting the card in the correct way and make sure to punch it down in there completely, go to advanced settings and see if your card shows up, if it does not, leave the card in and power cycle the camera and check again.

Also check this thread to see if you have a defective camera

You typically have to push the card in with your fingernail until you hear a ‘click’.

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I did

Just checked. My camera is not affected.

At this point it sounds like you might need supports help. I would open a ticket with them and in the meantime we can continue to try to help. But there is some lead time so I would go ahead and start the support process now.


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